WIP: Bikini for Valentine's Day


I’m knitting up the bikini in the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch book as a gift for my hubby for Valentine’s Day. It’s so much fun to knit! I think part of that may be anticipation of Valentine’s Day :wink: and the fact that I’m hiding it from him :inlove:

Can’t with till it’s done, but I wanted to share a first bit with you …

It’s the first time I have done any color work, so that’s been fun too.

Happy :heart: Day! :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

oh, cute!

OOOO LA LA!!! Very sexy! Hope he’ll enjoy it! Oh wait, you should, too! LOL!

That’s adorable! I have that book and I always look at the pattern…I don’t know if the girls would fit if you know what I mean!

My girls are not small by [I]any[/I] stretch of the imagination … I figure it’s just for me and my hubby, so them not exactly fitting is no biggie :mrgreen: :wink:

That’s very cute, but I don’t want my DH dying of laughter :cool: :slight_smile:

That is so cute, and your DH will be thrilled :teehee: maybe he’ll even send you to the yarn store so you can make more! :mrgreen:

Have fun knitting it!

:happydance: oh cute! Great idea too…he will love it

That looks great…I have to admit when I first saw it, (keep in mind I am REALLY tired today so please take no offense - none was intended) I wondered if the bikini came with a hat…hahahaha. I’m such a dork. :aww:

Seriously, what a great project and I know your DH will LOVE it!!! :muah:

it is looking great so far!!

:rofl: I guess I should have specified that was one of the 2 cups … hahahahahahaha … :teehee:

I hadn’t thought of that, but what a bonus – he’ll send me to the LYS :teehee:

What a fun project…your DH will have fun opening his Valentines present x

Well, heck…if there’s a chance DH will send ME to the LYS if he sees me in that bikini, I’m casting on now… :roflhard:

So much fun! I am sure he will love it :heart:

wow! i have the book and i thought it was so cute! i bet ur gonna have a great valentines day! :teehee:

I looove it but I have color work lol. Great job on it and don’t you just love to give a sexy surprise!

That is too cute!! Can’t wait to see it finished but NO action shots please :teehee:

Now you have me thinking about making it for my dh…he would be ecstatic.

Cute idea but do you think he’ll wear it? :teehee:

LOLOL!! And I thought, now that is a SUPER simple knitted item that would create lots of pillowtalk! Okay, but you know the banana and oranges will fit in there… for short while anyways:teehee: