WIP: Besotted scarf for my mom

Here’s a picture of my WIP, a scarf for my mother. She’s been ill and I hope this will cheer her up.

It looks wonderful!:cheering:

That’s great! :yay: I really like it in that color, too.

Very pretty! I really like the texture of that pattern, and the color’s great too.

Awe…I’m so ditzy sometimes…but I get it now…

“Besotted”, this is a very symbolic scarf…red for love, the design in x’s & o’s for hugs & kisses…your Mom will love it!

Where did you find a pattern for this?

You’re doing a beautiful job!


GORGEOUS!! She will definitely love it :thumbsup:

It looks great! I’ve been thinking about making one of those for my grandmother for Christmas. The red looks really good

It is stunning!

Where can i get the pattern from?


It looks great!

AnnaT, that looks really beautiful!! I’m sure your Mom will love it :inlove:

May I ask what yarn you are using?

And for those who asked, here is the pattern:



That’s beautiful!

Thank you. Yes, I did try to make it really symbolic! But kind of fun, too , hopefully. The pattern is from Hello Yarn, the same place as the Irish Hiking Scarf. They have some cute things.
Hello Yarn… Besotted Scarf Pattern

I am just not sure whether to put fringe on it or not.

I am using Alize Cashmira, which is 100% merino, on 4mm (US size 6) needles.


B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L scarf.:heart::heart:
Your Mom will cherish it!

Oooo, I like that! I haven’t seen that cable pattern before and it looks lovely in your red yarn.

I’m currently knitting this same scarf (however, I’m using Caron’s Simply Soft) and I keep finding myself getting lost in the pattern. I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 4 steps backward. At this rate I’ll be finished by Easter…

That beautiful scarf is sure to cheer her up :inlove:

She will love it… very pretty :happydance: