WIP - Bernat Berella "4" - Socks

I started this yesterday afternoon:

Im using Bernat Berella"4" yarn, which was discontinued by Bernat but my Wal-Mart still had some left!

*If image dosen`t show up, right click the ’ x ’ or the ’ ? ’ and click “open in new tab”

Pretty. What’s the yarn name? I’ve never seen any sock yarn from Berella anywhere.

[It’s Bernat brand yarn. The name is Berella “4”(The Afghan yarn). It’s actually discontinued, but I found some at my local Wal-Mart, probably dumped there to get rid of extras.

Here’s a link if you want to look.URL="http://www.bernat.com/discontinued.php?LGC=berella4

I can’t see you pictures. Not even by clicking on the x’s.

You have to right click it then select open in new tab.