WIP: beret!

Well, I’m actually going to cast on today! http://nruuska.blogspot.com/2011/10/stripey-beret.html?m=1


Hope all goes as “patterned,” and you’ll come back and show us what you’ve got soon!

Cool. What colors?

Rock on! :thumbsup: Keep us in the loop!


It is patons classic wool in the “bird of paradise” colourway. :slight_smile:

This? Very pretty!
Your link went to a google search results page.


All done. Blocking on a dinner plate. Lol

I really like how the colors swirl around. You planned it that way, right?
I just used a mixing bowl to block a bucket hat. Whatever works.

That turned out great!

love the way the colours swirl!

What a work of art! Gorgeous. Enjoy every minute of wearing it.

Very pretty!

Very pretty dinner plate cover . . . . er, hat! :wink:

I had no idea it would swirl like that. :smiley:

I like!