WIP - basketweave scarf

this is my first experience with slipping the first stitch purlwise. at first it felt and looked awkward. now I like it.

I like this basketweave. I’m considering throwing in a double wrap drop stitch row or two once in a while. not sure yet.

sorry about the dark pics.

very cool…what kind of yarn? This is my next project ~ I was even going to try and do a matching hat.

Beautiful work :happydance:

Very nice, it does make a nice looking edge, doesn’t it? That’s very, very pretty! I love the yarn!! :heart: :cheering: :heart: :cheering:

Wow, that is really looking nice. Do tell us what yarn it is, please! It’s so beautiful! :XX:

thanks all :smiley: :heart:!
this yarn is soft… like buttah… Filatura di Crosa Zara Print in color 5010. click here to see shades
this stuff was a total impulse buy when I went out of town in October.

Beautiful yarn! I love that pattern!!!

OMG thats BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart: :heart:

That is just beautiful! I love the basket weave!

MMMMMmm YUMMY colors!!

Ditto KK! It’s awesome!

Looks wonderful!! I love this pattern and I don’t get board with it either great job :cheering:

:heart: thanks for the compliments :heart: !!!

Wow, it looks great - lovely yarn and you are doing it very nicely!

I love the basketweave it is sooooo nice looking. Great yarn selection too.

Very nice. And edges do come out nicely when you slip them!

thanks ladies :heart: :smiley: !

I might run out of yarn. we’ll see. ideally I like my scarves at least 60". this one might be more like 48".

OH WOW!!! I am impressed! That is so beautiful!

I have seen the pattern in my Knitters Bible book and have ambitions that some day I can do it!

thank you Crystal :heart:!

I frogged it right after I last posted, because it was too wide, and I was going to run out of yarn. now it’s 25 st across instead of 35. I made a mistake last night, trying to knit in the semi-dark at Auntie Chrissy’s house, but I think I’m gonna leave it… it’s confined to the start of one block… I’ll convince myself it’s a hand knit design feature :oops: :wink: .

It’s gorgeous Jod… :happydance:

I’m doing a similar basket weave in a baby blanket, and it doesn’t quite make it to a basketweave. Yours totally does. I though it might be because it was a variegated yarn, but I now see that it’s not :shock: .

I needed a real life view. I wanted to start over anyway. :oops: :smiley:

k4bb - a solid colored yarn would show off the pattern a lot more.

I only used this yarn because I bought it in October and have been really chomping at the bit to do something with it and have been anxious also to try a basketweave.