WIP : basic socks

These are the socks I am making to learn 2 circulars. I really love it working on 2 circulars and can’t wait to finish these and start on a patterned pair
P.S. the ribs don’t do the ankles any favors do they?

Very pretty! What yarn did you use? I love those colors. Nice work.

Don’t worry about how your ankles look, they’re just fine.

The sock on the other hand is just rotten, so rotten in fact that when you finish the other one, I have an address in Oregon I want you to send them to. :stuck_out_tongue:

They look great, and I love the yarn colors, what kind of yarn is it.
I like using two circulars, because you can try them on for sizing, and it works for me.

It’s looking great!! I love that colorway … what yarn is it?


:thumbsup: Lookin’ Good

Thank you for the compliments - It is a Regia 6-ply but I will have to look and see if it has a color name or number on it when I get home. It is a little splitty compared to some other yarn. I am 2/3 way done with the sock in the picture and actually have the cuff and heel flap done for the other foot and am contemplating wripping it out and starting all over again. I started these on 4’s b/c I was in a class to learn 2 circulars (which I love :woot: ) and now I find out most people use size 2 or 3 needles for this yarn. As it stands I don’t think I am going to get one big foot sock for myself out of the ball…I do love the colors and want the socks to be wearable…

looking good, LOL about the ankles, trust me they look mega thin to me. :wink: The socks are looking great and the colors really are fabulous.