WIP: Baby sweater and rollbrimmed hat

I’m making these for my SILs baby boy to be born soon; I’m making these for the fall instead of things she would need right away.

The swatch is the pattern I’ll be using for the sweater (hopefully) and the hat is the topknot baby hat. Someone here made this so I’m using the pattern. The colors are Bachelor Button and Wisteria by Knit Picks in Shine Worsted.

The blue colors are the same…just the pattern pic is a little dark.

I love that blue! I can’t wait to see the finished objects!

That’s some swatch! Wow!

They will be great, please post when they’re done!

Thanks! I’ll definitely post when I’m done.

The blue is somewhere between the two. The top blue on the hat seems so bright in that pic and then the blue in the swatch is sort of dark. The blue is sort of like a cornflower blue.

:smiley: I really love that color blue! Looking forward to seeing the FO :wink:

Looking good! I can’t wait to see the sweater – your swatch is so pretty!