WIP - Baby Surprise Jacket

Baby Surprise Jacket
This was a fun knit! It looks so bizarre when you are doing it, but the end result is adorable! It’s not perfect, but I love it!

After knitting and before folding:

After folding, but sleeves aren’t sewn yet.

The front and back of the sleeves won’t match because of the way the striping goes, but next time I will leave them solid and work the stripes on the body. I think. :teehee:

Fantastic, Jan!!! Hi Foofie!!! :heart:

That is odd how it knitted up, but what a wonderful origami project! I love all the colors!

Funny you should mention origami! I was thinking a few days ago that it really should have been called Origami Jacket! However it IS a surprise so that works, too. :teehee:


I’ve gushed everywhere about your FO!


That tops the cute scale! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


THAT is BE-YOOOTIFUL!! Great balance of colors and design - that is going to be one sophisticated baby!! :teehee:

Was is easy to do? Have yet to do my first baby project, and would like to tackle and E.Z. one… (it IS E.Z., right??)

Thanks!! This little sweater is 100% wool and will go to either Children in Common or Afghans for Afghans. Both of these charities prefer wool.

Nuknitter… yes, it is very easy! It’s just garter stitch with increases and decreases. You have to pick up a few stitches at one point, but that’s pretty easy. :cheering:

Beautiful!!! :inlove:

Wonderful colors and how cute it turned out! Great job, Jan!

What a fun jacket! The colors look great!

Jan, was that one type/color of yarn, or did you use multiple? What yarn was it?

Very pretty! Have the book on order from the library. That looks like something worth trying!

It’s definitely worth trying! Okay, I used 4 yarns, all of them stash yarns:

Red - Knitpicks WOTA in cranberry
Green - Knitpicks WOTA in fern
Multi - Patons Classic Wool in harvest
Cream - Patons Classic Wool in Aran

I felted the joins so there was almost no weaving in of ends! :cheering:

Thanks all!

I thought your post said after knitting and before felting :roflhard: I wonder what it would look like if you did felt it :thinking:

I was considering it, but decided not to for this one since I really liked the way it came out. I wonder if it would be too stiff and scratchy if felted… :thinking:

Oh my goodness, when I looked at the picture it looked just like a sweater a friend knitted for my son when he was born (1994)! I went and got it out, my DD uses it for her teddy bear, and it’s looks like the same pattern!

You did a great job, I love the bright colors! :happydance:

Jan, that’s amazing! :inlove:

Love how you pointed out the dog! :rofl:

SO pretty, Jan! I LOVE patterns with unusual construction… The Debbie Bliss shrug I knit for Ella was knit from the back, up & over… sleeves included… and it was SO fun!

Hi Foof!!! :rofl:

Howie likes to get in on my knitty pics, too… :teehee:

That is beautiful! I love the simplicity of the design.

I have a friend I want to knit something for her 2B baby boy. When we thought it was a girl I picked out a really cute kimono pattern… I think this one would be just as fun to knit but not so girly!

Question… for some reason the site isn’t allowing me to go off the one page linked, is this a Canadian or American company?

I’ve been dinged by Brokerage fees so many times that I am not really wanting to buy from US companies again. The fees often drive the price of purchased item up $30 US…

Hi Roberta, The link should work, maybe an internet blip? If you get it to work you can “pretend” you are buying it and see how much the shipping would be.

The pattern is also available in The Opinionated Knitter and Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann. You could probably get these locally or from your library.