WIP: baby pants - now finished

I’m currently knitting these pants for my daughter Louka: http://www.tinybirdsorganics.com/organicwool/woolpants.html. The wool is Filatura di crosa Zara in blue (wish I’d chosen pink now, after six people in a row assumed Louka was a boy :frowning: ).

Anyway I’m knitting on 3.25mm needles, which is smaller than recommended for the yarn, partly to get the gauge required by the pattern and partly to make a more “solid” fabric. Could this be why it’s curling even more than stocking stitch usually does (at least for me)?

Apart from that, and the fact that I’m lucky to get a couple of rows knitted a day, I’m quite happy with how they’re going.

Very cute!! And what adorable pictures on the pattern website. Can’t wait to see how they turn out. :smiley:

they’re going to be really lovely! :slight_smile:
and good that you choose blue. it’s boring- girls are pink, boys are blue. and in my opinion blue is so much better tha pink :wink:

I’m not a pink person myself - I’d have chosen green if the shop had had any on sale. I did buy some cream too, so if these work out I’ll make another pair in cream.

The blue isn’t really as bright as it looks in the photo; it’s more of a denim blue.

but you all are so lucky!
in Poland we haven’t got so wonderful yarns. there are some German beautiful yarns at one shop in my town, but they are twice more expensive than those Polish-not-so-nice yarns :frowning:

:smiley: Those are going to be precious…can’t wait to see your FO.

Those are so cute!

<giggle> My oldest daughter looked like a girl and we would have her in pink from head to toe with a bow or frilly hat and strangers would still assume she was a boy! :slight_smile: I look real careful and if I dont know I dont guess! heh.

Beautiful baby!

Oh those are going to turn out cute!! Love that blue color :thumbsup:

Ugh, I just frogged a few rows :crying: I think I missed an increase, and I’d lost track of where I was up to. I’m still not back to where I was, but at least I know where I am now.

Sorry to hear about the frogging! The pants are really cute! And, I love the color – I think it’ll be perfect for a girl!

I am SO glad someone mentioned Amy’s “fixing mistakes” videos in another topic on this forum! Picking up these little tight stitches is a right pain, but by combining the cable needle and lifeline techniques (I used a needle and yarn, rather than a cable needle, since I don’t have one) it was almost painless.

looking good so far - ignore the people with the assumption that blue automatically means boy - I love the colour, blue is one of my favourite colours and they look like they are gonna be great! =D :cheering:

They’re going to be great when you’re finished! If you ever want a pattern knit in the round, check out www.woolywonder.com .

:heart: :heart:

Those look just wonderful, keep it up!

Thanks for that. One day I’m going to learn to knit in the round. In fact, maybe that should be my next project. They have some great soakers/pants on that site!

I’m thinking if I embroider some flowers on them, like the second picture on http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer03/PATTdaisy.html, they’ll look more “girly” :smiley:

Great pants! I was just going to suggest embroidering some flowers or weaving in some ribbon around the cuffs, but looks like you thought of that already.

Hooray, I’ve finished knitting :smiley:

I still have to crochet a waist cord, and embroider some flowers.

sooooo cute! would love to see what else you decide to do with them too. congrats on a great project!

I tried the pants on Louka, and decided against the embroidered flowers. I guess I can always do it later if I change my mind.

These were supposed to be too big for her. I think the next pair will be on bigger needles, or she’ll grow out of them before I’ve finished! (I did knit them on smaller needles than recommended for the yarn.)