WIP : Baby Love Blanket

The pattern is from Red Heart’s “Knitting Made Easy”.

I am using size 8 needles and Red Heart’s Super Saver yarn. It is 3 skeins and is Baby Pink.

This project is my first time knitting and there are numerous times that I’ve had to frog the entire thing before I was satisfied with my progress (don’t worry, I didn’t frog anything that was bigger than 2" in length).

It was the inspiration of my newborn baby niece, Hayleigh, that made me want to learn how to knit.

Great job and welcome to knitting! Baby Hayleigh is a lucky little girl to have such a caring Aunt.

LOL! Need I mention that I’m the Uncle?

Looking good Uncle!! :thumbsup:

Thanks! I’m hoping to have it finished in the next week. As of that picture I am like 25% through it. Have the rest of the first half sts/rows and then the second half, which will be a dec. Can’t wait!

Also, I plan on either knitting her name or some flowers into it. I wonder if there are any tutorials or patterns for embedding in an existing pattern. Also may do some lace work on it.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Knitting!

Your first project is quite a nice undertaking! It’s looking beautiful, and I’m very proud of you for frogging til you liked what you were getting! That’s a sign of even better things to come!

Congrats!! on learning to knit and your new niece! Your first project is looking great!

Aww, it looks great! I love that diagonal baby blanket pattern-it’s one of my favs! Congratulations on your new niece!

What do you mean by that exactly?

And thanks everyone. On top of this I have project number two underway. Hope to have a thread for it tomorrow with a pic of what it looks like so far. It’s a pink dishcloth (sorry, all I have is pink yarn so far) but my own pattern (although I’m sure other people use the pattern and I just don’t know it).

I meant that I admire someone like you, who takes time to frog a project when they’re not liking it. A knitter that is conscientious enough to do that (like you) will become an even better and more proficient knitter as time goes by!

I hope I didn’t upset you in any way! Not intended! :hug:


Now I understand what you meant. Not upset at all! :heart:

[COLOR=Navy][B]WAY TO GO[/B], uncle! [I]
First[/I] project??? That’s coming along very nicely[B][I]![/I][/B]

Note my signature. I view :x:as just part of the process.
I have[B][SIZE=1] (let’s just say) [/SIZE][/B]over 40 years of perfecting this process. [/COLOR]