WIP: baby dress - now finished

Well I started this back in mid-August, and it’s getting near completion. Just as well, as it seems to be a good fit now, so if it takes much longer DD will grow out of it before it’s finished. I just joined the shoulders on the weekend - yay!

It’s based on this pattern, except with a different yarn and gauge, no stripes, in a smaller size, and knit in the round.

So I still need to block it and pick up stitches round the armholes. I’ve never knitted in the round before, so how do I go about blocking it? (I’m fairly new to blocking too :).)

You have a beautiful baby. I love the dress too.

both dress and baby are adorable!! :heart:

Would you just look at that curly hair? And those eyes? And the widdle cheeks? What a total cutie-pie! How old is she?

Oh, and nice dress. :teehee:

She looks ready to go dancing.

I love this post for blocking.

Thanks :slight_smile: She’s nine months old.

Thanks for that link, it seems very thorough.

She’s beautiful!! The dress is fabulous, too. Great job!

I saw the dress and thought… I hope it’s warmer where she is than where I am! Then I saw you were in Sydney, so realized it’s summer there!

Great summer dress. Your daughter is adorable.

Mama Bear

Oh yes, it’s warm here!

Actually being wool, the dress is a bit too warm, but I’m intending to use it more as a pinafore/jumper (ie with a shirt under it) for cooler summer days. I was just trying it on for fit in the photo.

That is just the cutest little model you could have! She looks adorable in that dress!

Well I’ve picked up stitches (yuck!) and knitted the armbands and neckline, and woven in all the ends (yuck yuck yuck!). Now it’s ready for blocking. Can’t wait till DD can wear it! Summer seems to be cooler than Spring was, so she might get a chance to wear it in the next few days :slight_smile:

That is Stunning! I love it. My daughter is 10 months old and I think she would look soooo cute in that. I should try to do one for next summer when she is around 18 months!

what is the pattern?

Here are a couple of pics of the finished dress. The blocking, though not very thorough, improved the hang and made the dress a little larger so it might even still fit next winter :slight_smile:

oh my gosh! darling! the dress and your daughter!

Well the pattern I based it on is at http://www.rebecca-online.de/cont_en/anleitungen/heft_07_anl_28-29.pdf but I changed it quite a bit: reduced the size, changed the yarn, left out the stripes and knitted it in the round. It was a bit of guesswork, but then I didn’t know when I’d finish it and how big DD would be by then. I just couldn’t find anything for free that was closer to what I wanted, and I was too stingy to buy a pattern.

Good luck with what you decide to knit for your daughter!

Rebbecca patterns are hard for me to follow verbatim too. i always end up changing them. sometimes i think she takes the long way or harder approach tan she needs to. but i keep going back b/c the patterns are so cute!