WIP: Baby Blanket

This is my first time using any sort of “lace” pattern. I got this yarn on sale it’s a giant ball. It’s Bernat Baby Sport so I found this pattern and am working on it.

I messed up the first try and ended up unravelling the whole thing. This is my second shot at it, and I was about 3 hours in when I realized I messed up the garter stitch on the side, but thanks to some kind folks here I was able to fix it without having to unravel the whole thing.

I took this photo before I had made the mistake. I have worked probably a total of 8 hours on it so far, so I do have a bit more than this photo shows.

Thats mom holding up my work for me to take a photo.

It looks great and I love the colors they are perfect for a baby. Keep on going it is going to be fabulous when finished!

It’s gorgeous! The perfect start to a perfect baby blanket.

By the way, you might want to insert a lifeline (and be sure to mark on your pattern where you put it, too) so if you mess up again, you don’t have to start over from the beginning; instead, you can just rip back to your lifeline and start from there.

That’s a great start to a beautiful blanket. Love the colors. Thanks, Mom, for the helping hand!

That’s going to be a beautiful baby blanket. It’s a lovely pattern and it works well with the multicolor yarn. Can’t wait to see the complete blanket. I second the idea of the lifeline. You may not need it but just in case, it’ll save lots of time.

I’m not sure what you mean by insert a life line? How would I do that?

Slow progress but it’s coming along. I almost think it may not be wide enough. But I suppose I can just make it longer to make up for it being short in width.

How To Use Lifelines In Knitting

Lovely work! I like to work with pastels! Very cheery!

So upset had to frog the whole thing! Starting over making it wider will def use a life line this time

Oh, dear! I’m sorry you had to frog again! As Antares mentioned lifelines can save a lot of time and frustration when knitting lace patterns. It always seems that when I add a lifeline, I never need it, but if I DON’T add one I always seem to make a mistake! :rofl:

you know I added one and I keep moving it up every few rows but I find it really hard to knit the following row after inserting the life line because it makes it so tight.

Looks great! And I have been working on a bolero for a few days now and have unraveled it about 10 times after getting about 4-8 rows done because of a problem I didn’t realize and get to frustrated trying to fix it.

Yeah, that first row after you insert the lifeline can be a bit tricky; however, it all becomes worth it when you make a mistake and have to rip back! [B][U]Trust me[/U][/B] on this one!!!