WIP - Baby Blanket

Knitting my first baby blanket…literally just found out 3 days ago that you knit it on a diagonal hahaahhaha :roflhard: Clearly never made one before!!! Had only been knitting scarves…

So I’m knitting this for Project Linus, that was about 2 nights worth of progress. What are some tips for the corners? In the practice swatch I made I didn’t like the cast on corner or the finished bind off corner either. Any tips for making them look neater? Actually any tips at all for weaving in ends too I’m kind of bad at that still…I don’t want it to unravel at all, especially since I’m donating it. I’d feel really bad if it started coming apart :shock:

I’m using everything it calls for in the Lion’s Brand pattern. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90350AD.html Will probably make a blue one and then a pink one too and then take them to the drop off place…I don’t want to show up with just ONE hahaha.

Did you wonder why it kept getting bigger?:teehee:

For the cast on end, just pull on your tail and sew it up a bit.

There are Youtube videos on weaving in ends, or check out the video here on this site


No I couldn’t even make sense of the pattern hahahhahha. I had to post it on another forum and ask for knitter advice, before I found this site. I couldn’t figure out how casting on 5, was going to make a 30 x 30 blanket hahahahahaah. I didn’t realize it was diagonal and then the border made an extra stitch each row to make it bigger.

Thanks, I will have to check out that video.

I love it when something unexpected happens in a pattern. The blanket looks wonderful so far and it’s in a lovely color for a good cause. Good luck with the remainder. It’s great fun when you get to the decrease side of the diagonal.

Lovely color! :thumbsup:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Hah, I’ve done that before. Staring at a pattern, not able to understand but then you just go with it.

Looks cute, love the color. I made a baby blanket for a co-worker but I was lazy and just made a bunch of squares and stitched em together. A lot of baby blanket patterns I saw were knit on a diagonal. Hmm…[/COLOR]

I’ve knitted this one quite a few times, in both DK and chunky wool, so easy to do and very nice to look at once finished, your knitting is very neat I might add!