WIP: Baby Blanket

This is my first ever knitting project. I probably should’ve started with something smaller, but I figured since I’ve been crocheting for years I could do something a bit more challenging. Actually, this pattern is pretty easy, and the cables are not hard to do at all!

I’m making this blanket (pattern can be found here) for my friend who is due soon. I’m about 10" in, and I’ve been working on it a little bit each night for the past few days. Can’t wait till I finish!

It looks very pretty, cables are fun and I love the color.

I crocheted for years before learning to knit, also, and I’m definitely having some ‘challenges’ making the switch, even after almost eighteen months.

Very pretty! I’ve seen the pattern before but it’s nice to see how it’s turning out for someone.


I love it! It’s beautiful!

Very pretty. I love it and I am sure your friend will too.

You are doing a beautiful job on it. Keep going till you finish and then post a picture of the finished blanket. We want to see the beauty in its entirety!

Very pretty !

:inlove: very pretty!

Very nice! Your friend will love it.

[I]Now you know the secret. Cables look challenging so non-knitters are impressed, but they’re actually easy to do.[/I]

thats goregous!!!
it will definitely make a nice gift!!!

very, very nice! I may have to do something like that for my next baby project - I love doing cables!

Yummy-mummy color!!! Keep up the good work!!! :thumbsup:

The blanket is so pretty. And what a wonderful job you are doing, especially since it is your first knit project. Thanks for sharing the link for the pattern…I bookmarked it for future reference.
Thanks for sharing…

Wow thanks everyone for all the sweet words! I will definitely post another pic once it’s finished. I’m already anxious to begin my next project (a hat and scarf for my boyfriend), so I’m gonna start power-knitting to get this one done lol. :knitting: