WIP: Baby Blanket

Here are some pictures of pretty much my first WIP since learning to knit. It’s a baby blanket made from this http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/summernet-babyblanket.html pattern and this http://www.bernat.com/product.php?LGC=softeechunky yarn in natural.

Looks Great! I love purple!!

I’m getting kinda scared. Is it so bad no one wants to offer FB?

What a lovely blanket! I can’t believe it’s your first project. You’re doing a great job! I’ve been wanting to try that pattern. It looks so cozy. I use Bernat softee a lot but haven’t tried the chunky. Do you like it so far? What size needles are you using? Can’t wait to see it all finished.

I like the softee chunky a lot. Its really easy to put the needle through it though, i’m using sz 11 it definietly is cozy!

Lookin good! Softee Chunky will make a nice blankie. Are you gifting it?

yep it’s for a friend who is pregnant she’s due in april. I picked the neutral color because of course i don’t know if she’s having a g or a b.

Very nice Kym! Can’t wait to see the FO;)

That’s nice! :slight_smile:

Very nice!! It will be very pretty…

I have 2 friends/family with babies due in Feb… I haven’t started knitting yet… you are doing better than me :teehee:

It looks terrific. I look forward to seeing it finished.