WIP: Baby blanket

Here is a baby blanket I am working on it is the 3rd one I have started and this one is the keeper it is shine sport worsted double stranded with 10 1/2 needles it is not from a pattern just a simple braid through the middle and a garter stitch border.Oh, I almost forgot the color is Wisteria.

That is so pretty!

Thanks Jan I can’t wait to finish it I am hoping to have enough yarn left to make a little girlie something to go with it!

It is so pretty!! :slight_smile: Your stitches are so even!!! :cheering:

that’s really great

Really pretty! I love it!

Beautiful. I love the cable down the middle.

I agree- the cable down the middle just makes that pattern so special! and a lovely color.

Beautiful!! You’re doing a great job!

Yep~~ I love the cable/braid down the center. It makes it unique from most baby blankets~! :happydance:

I :heart: the color. Beautiful!

Very pretty! I love the cable down the middle as well. It gives it that little something extra. :slight_smile:

That’s so funny, the blanket I’m just finishing up is similar to yours! I have a baby blanket with three cables, with a sead stitch border. It’ll be done soon. I’ll take a picture and share. I guess great minds think alike. My cable is just a simple braid, yours looks like it has three stands, I would love to learn how to do that, is it similar to a regular two strand cable?

thanks for sharing again!

Yes it is very similar to the two strand cable and very easy.

It is very pretty and looks flawless! Love it!