WIP-baby blanket for a friend due in October

Im making a baby blanet in squares using five different types of stitches.

here is a picture of the progress that I have so far (the one with the needle attached is a seed stitch square).

It is going to look lovely,

You still have a way to go . Can’t wait to see the finished blanket :slight_smile:

That’s going to be really pretty!

I am working on square 39 out of 56.:cheering::happydancing: Sadly, it looks like the person who I said that I would give it to may not be interested in it:??, so I may just donate it to my church’s baby blanket ministry. When I have finnished all of the squares, I will get together with a couple of people to seam it together (all of it) and put in loose ends. Then, I will put a crochet border on it (3dc shells combined with 2sc in between shells). I have an idea for my next baby blanket and I also want to make a felted bag. I want to make my next baby blanket a checkered blanket in beige and mint green (in squares) with sc edging around the finnished blanket.

What do you mean the person isn’t interested in it??? It’s a beautiful blanket, and everyone should realize that a hand knitted gift is about love!!!

It’s just great!

Looks like it will turn out great. I can’t believe anyone would turn down such a lovely gift that is made with so much love. I feel better when my babies sleep or play with something handmade–it just seems like somehow the love comes through.