WIP : Baby Blanket 50% done :) (pics)

I’ve been MIA for wayyyy too long. I haven’t had a knitting bug since last summer, though I do still work on things occasionally.

I am currently due with my first baby in August so of course this means KNITTING! I’ve been working on this blanket since April, and it’s just about 50% finished.

I had to take some breaks in May due to back pain from work. I am off work now but not feeling very motivated to knit. Then I remembered these lovely forums and how you guys always keep me motivated! I have 2 months to finish! Definitely crunch time.

All the yarns are from knit picks. It’s a combination of Shine Sport, Shine Worsted and Comfy Worsted. Basically just a smorgasbord of all the boyish/neutral coloured yarns I had in my stash.

I am knitting it all in one piece, using intarsia to knit the garter boarder. The stripes are just stockinette. I am also weaving all my ends in as I go, so that slows me down a smidge but will save me a headache at the end. I’m not following any pattern, just knitting each colour until I feel like switching to the next colour.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

In his nursery… I staged it to look finished. :slight_smile:

Close up

That’s really pretty–i think baby stuff should be in bright colors and patterns–you’re doing a great job. linknit41

Thanks! I only wish we could find more bedding in bright colours. There were SOME but they were ridiculously bright/garish/blinding.

At least I found some nice bright curtains that happen to go well with the blanket, and I want to put some bright decals on the walls too.

Beautiful! :inlove: I love the colors in your stash bag.

That’s looking great! I totally love the colors you chose! Matches those curtains perfectly :thumbsup:

congratulations…on baby and on the beautiful blanket! The colors really look great together.

Beautiful! Love your colors!

Absolutely gorgeous!! I love it-perfect for a little boy! I love that you’re using up your stash and yet its still so coordinated!!

I love the colors you’ve used in it! Snd great idea to weave as you go-you’ll be so glad you did!

Thanks! :slight_smile: I had no choice but to use stash yarn due to being broke. I was surprised I had enough yarn in neutral/boyish colours in my stash. Good thing I went on a knitpicks shopping spring back in 2008! haha