WIP - Autumn Garden Wrist Warmers

As requested by, Woodi I think, here’s a WIP of my Autumn Garden Wrist Warmers. The pattern came from The Knitter magazine which my husband brought back from England for me last year, along with it’s sister magazine Simply Knitting. It’s also available on Ravelry as a bought pattern.

They’re not blocked yet and the photo booth lights are bleaching out the colour a bit too, but I’m really happy with the first one:

Can anyone spot this mistake? Quite noticeable if you know what you’ve looking for but it won’t be noticeable once blocked and when I’m wearing them!

Wool is Malabrigo Arroyo 100% Merino in Candombe.

Looks great! Love the colors too. I don’t see any mistake.

So pretty!

Simply gorgeous! The pattern stitch is playing very nice with the yarn!

No, I don’t see any errors. I think the yarn is good at hiding little flaws!

They are wonderful wrist warmers. I think it’s really nice to have such colorful wrist warmers. I usually see neutral colors. I really like the spice of your colors!!!

Oooh I really love the yarn colors. We ladies and gents don’t find flaws unless someone needs help fixing it. I think no matter how experienced you are or how difficult or easy your work is people make mistakes. I surely do. I only fix them if they yell out “You screwed up, fix me right now!!” :slight_smile: You are doing a great job!

I’ll be honest here, I was looking for something plainer to show off the stitches, hubby chose this so I went with it. Neither of us had any clue how it would wind up, where the colours would be etc. I’m glad how it turned out!

Yes, very true…if the pattern stitch was worked with a plain color, it would be the eye catcher…but I really like how the pattern stitch is adding texture to the . colorway. It allows that gorgeous color to be the SHOWCASE!

Well, the colors are wonderful and so is the pattern. Very nicely done and a treat to look forward to wearing this fall. Actually, if the cold keeps up, you may be able to wear them this summer. Thanks very much for the photo.

Lovely wrist warmers! I like how the rib widens out every now and then, and the color works perfectly, something that doesn’t always happen when you’ve got several things going at once.

Did you say there’s a mistake somewhere? Don’t see it, can’t find it, not even looking for it, so don’t worry about it.

If someone can’t see it driving by in a car at a slow 30 mph while you’re dangling your wrist warmer out the window, then you’re good! (That’s my modern take on the old saying about spotting errors from the back of a running horse . . . or however that went).

Your lovely yarn patterned up beautifully and they look quite toasty!

Lovely. No mistake there, you must be mistaken about making a mistake. Enjoy wearing them.

Alright, alright, I’ll put you all out of your misery looking for mistakes! :wink: I suppose it’s not really a mistake, more something I should have done but neglected to do so… I cast on and knit the rib with 3.5mm needles and then changed to 4mm for the pattern part. I should have changed back to the smaller needles for the second rib but I forgot to. If you look at the ribs you can quite clearly see that one is wider than the other, but you won’t see it when it’s blocked. And besides, they’re wrist warmers, which means one end will be tucked inside a coat or a sweater or something!

Yeah I think I’ll be wearing them soon without waiting until the fall. I head off to England in a couple of weeks and they’ve had a lot of snow and the long range forecast is “unseasonably cold for April”. So I’ll definitely be taking them with me!

Very pretty colors. They will be nice and warm next winter.
I sure can’t find any mistakes. Very nicely done. Your husband did a great job picking out the color for these. They will look great with several different colors.

LOVE THE YARN! Happy wearing!

Lovely! I suppose you’re in England now…good thing you finished them in time to take with you…in this longest of wintery weathers we’ve had in awhile.