WIP at Work: Horseshoe Fern Neckwarmer

Started this cowl yesterday afternoon to combat boredom after my commuter train broke down. Surfed Rav for something to do, and started this pattern in Magic loop. ML was too fiddly for the work desk, tho, so I’m continuing on my fixed hat circs.

That’s so pretty!!

It is turning out to be lovely, indeed. I like how the k2tog, psso stitches make a little spine up each row.

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Lovely and what a great way to spend time when the train breaks down!

annnnd done!

It’s beautifull! You did a lovely job on it! Should be so pretty with a winter coat. :slight_smile:

Very well done! Glad to see the finished cowl. Enjoy wearing it.

I am curious. Is this a pattern you can share with us?