WIP: Argyle socks

OK, now you’re scaring me. What’s this about rearranging stitches, 60%? I’m trying Fleegle heels for the first time and [I]think[/I] I have about 4 rounds left before I start the short rows. Now I’m wondering what I’ve missed. The instructions I found say to increase on the heel side to 2 less stitches than the total number before starting increasing…or that’s what I remember and have been doing. I’m afraid to look at the pattern now. Of course, I don’t know what heel you are doing either. put panic on hold!

I feel for you having to frog, it took several starts for me to get my “pink sock kind of day” socks going. Even gurus are allowed learning experiences.

Don’t panic. I’m doing the Sweet Tomato Heel, which calls for 2/3 of the stitches to be used for the heel, and the other 1/3 for the instep. So if you start out with the sts evenly divided 50/50 between instep and sole, you have to rearrange them on the needles for this particular heel.

I’ve never done a Fleegle heel nor even read the directions. So if your instructions say nothing about dividing the sts differently, then you’re fine. I didn’t mean to alarm anyone.

There are so many heel constructions, and they all require different things.

LOL now I remember, you said you were doing the sweet tomato heel. I’m glad I put my panic on hold, I’ll leave it there for a while. I wasn’t all that alarmed, just reaction, then breathe, don’t panic.
With this heel you increase then work short rows then go back to working in the round. I’ve not looked at the sweet tomato heel for a long time but expect in some ways it’s similar. I think I might like the way I did heels before better but I’m not done yet so the jury is still out.
Thanks for keeping us updated on your own sock adventure. I hope getting the stitches back on the needles isn’t too harrowing. Fine yarn and skinny needles make that difficult for me.

Nope, getting the sts back on the needles wasn’t hard at all. As long as you’re gentle with the fabric and don’t go tugging on it, the loops will be there.

Hey, would you like to post a pic of the socks you’re working on? We’re almost doing a sock KAL.

I’ll see if I can get a picture and get it online. My only camera is in my phone. Sometimes they don’t upload well, if I even get a decent pic.

I have 3 pair on the needles. :zombie:

How are yours coming along, Jan? Which heel are you doing? One pair at a time is enough for me! Do we get to see yours?

I’m doing the Fleegle heel. I will post a pic as a WIP later. :thumbsup:

Jan, I’m glad. I’ll get to see what it [I]should[/I] look like! I’m working the first one for the second time, I messed up and had to redo it. :hmm: :?? I’m not sure where I messed up but my count was off and it didn’t work right.

Here, by request! I managed to get some photos and upload them. Here in all their glory :noway: are my WIP socks, and I just had to see if the one I got the heel turned on will fit. It does. Surprise, surprise…not! Liat Gat told me how to decide when to start the increases. I’ve not been able to keep even tension but I hope some of that will even out. My feet won’t mind much. Warm sox is warm sox. :slight_smile: Thanks for asking, Carol. It’s such a pain to do pics with my phone and upload them that I rarely bother. It doesn’t always work, today it did.

Nice socks! I used to have trouble uploading from my phone, too, until I got Dropbox. Works like a charm.

Thank you so much, Carol. I know they aren’t a work of art or fine example of knitting but I’ll wear them and enjoy them. Part of my problem with photos is I’m so stingy. I use a prepaid phone and generally only think to use it when I’m away from home (about the only time I turn it on) and decide I do need to talk to someone. Last August I added $10 just to not lose the minutes I had. I’ve done that before. I probably have the lowest cell phone bill in town.

I look forward to seeing your argyle. I’ve never attempted something like that. I found Cat Bordhi doing the Sweet Tomato Heel on youtube. I think I might try that one next time. I see there is a padded version of in another video.

I’ve finished turning the heels, there is a mystery I’d like to solve, I ended up with 3 more stitches on on the needle after the first heel but can’t figure out why. It looks like I worked the short rows correctly. Rather than rework the (un)darned things, I decided one row more or less won’t hurt much, if that’s what caused it, and since things seem to be even otherwise, I worked a few decreases and just went back to knit, knit, knit, in an upward spiral, so now I’m bored and think I’ll try a waffle stitch or waffle rib.

I had to find the first pair of worsted weight socks I knitted for myself and put them on. I used the Lifestyle Sock formula and some ugly acrylic yarn that looks like a throwback to the '70s and my high school days, vareigated browns and turquoise that I’d been given. It’s not so ugly as socks.

:lol: I had taken a pic of one pair on my iPad and was trying to figure out how to post here. Thanks for the idea to use Dropbox. I copied them there and found instructions. I’ll try it in a couple minutes.

OMG. Way to much of a pain from Dropbox. I’ll upload to Flickr and fo on the computer. I wish KH had an app for this stuff. I’ll have to put a bug in Sheldon’s ear.

Okay, here’s a pic of one on my foot. 32" size US 0 with magic loop on each sock. The heel is lovely and I’ll post a better picture of all the socks later. I need to take them with my camera.

That’s coming out great! I just finished my heels, but I can’t go any further until I work through a tutorial on knitting argyle in the round. I think I have to make a swatch to practice the technique, cuz I sure don’t want to ruin the socks I’ve got so far.

Great looking socks, :thumbsup: Jan and :thumbsup: Carol ! We’re all using pink. :teehee: I have to try the Sweet Tomato Heel. Argyle in pink or any color sounds pretty intimidating to me but I’m sure you’ll get it np, Carol.

I have about 1 3/4 inches on the cuffs. I decided to use Waffle Stitch. Some patterns have multiple names so in case you’re interested or know it by another name:
Rounds 1 & 2: [K2, p2] to end.
Round 3: K all sts.
Round 4: P all sts.
Repeat these four rounds for Waffle Stitch.

To use pictures from my phone I have to upload it to My Album on My Account at T-Mobile and that doesn’t always work well. From there I can do most anything with it pretty easily. So far I’ve just saved it to my computer and uploaded to wherever I want to use it.

It’s snowing here.

That waffle st sounds like it’d make a really cute cuff. I might try that sometime. Knitting Daily has instructions for a seamless argyle sock (in the round) that you can dowload for free by signing up (which is also free). I’m definitely going to swatch it first, because I’m feeling intimidated, too. If anybody else here already has that pattern, can you explain to me what they mean by “loops”? Maybe it’ll become obvious when I actually try it.

It’s snowing here, too.

Carol, how about a link to the pattern at KD, I have a horrible time finding things there. I probably can’t help you but I’d like to follow along, maybe I’ll get brave and try to swatch it too. I’m already bored with my waffle stitch. I do like how it looks, though. Next time I’m not using sz NOTHING needles…that should be sz 0 I guess. :teehee:

I just used the search engine and typed in “argyle socks.” Anyway, here’s the link. I tried a swatch tonight, and I can’t make any sense out of the instructions. I’ll have another go at it when I’m less tired.

They look funny but since they fit my feet, that’s to be expected. :teehee: I have done better, I don’t know why I had so much trouble keeping tension even and with laddering.

They feel great! I worked the top ribbing on I think US 000 needles. The set came with 000, 00, 0, and 1, I think I used the smallest but I’m going by how they feel in my fingers as I’ve nothing to measure them by except each other. After the smallest needles for the ribbing, the sz 0 seem absolutely huge! I’ve not been switching much between skinny, skinny needles and my usual 8 or 9 sizes because it’s just so awkward to readjust. I discovered a dropped stitch which I think contributed to my different stitch counts on the heels and picked it up with a crochet hook and secured it on the inside. I was not…I repeat, I was not…going to frog that sock! Warm sox is warm sox after all and I’m not entering them in a beauty contest. I leave near perfection to those who can achieve it.

I look forward to seeing the other SIP (socks in progress) when they’re done. Happy knitting!

Oh yeah, US sz 000 dpns should be classified as “hazardous to my health.” These little skewers take some getting used to. I lost count of how many times I poked myself with them, and actually ended up with a small cut on my middle finger of my left hand. Mora for mel: When knitting with very sharp, skinny, double pointed skewers, be carefeul and wear a bandaid!

Those came out great! I forget, are they wool? Did you do anything special to reinforce the toe and/or heel? I’m pretty hard on socks, so I have to reinforce.