WIP-Aran Rose sweater

Like I’ve said a hundred times the last 2 days, this is from the Spring Interweave Knits. They didn’t have the pretty pink yarn I wanted at Michael’s, although they did have the Patons the pattern calls for, so I got New Denim (I almost got grey, I love grey sweaters!). Anyways, I had a really bad day yesterday while I was out, had a flat tire, took about 2 hours or more to get it off and the spare on. Got home, realized then size 7 needles are blue! Talk about fun knitting :lol: Anyways, I did 3 or 4 rows, realized I’d dropped 2 stitches somewhere, couldn’t figure out where, so I frogged it. Now, I have 5 rows done, which is the Cuff pattern. On the 4th row is a 1/1 PLC…didn’t really like how it looked, and it was a PITA to do, so I’m not doing it anymore, but I’ll leave the one on there. My back and neck is all kinked up now, I really wanna knit but I’m afraid to…may wait until tomorrow, and get hubby to massage me tonight! Anyways, thanks for reading my novel!

Good start! Becca is it for you? I bet this color looks great on you.

Nice start and it will be gorgeous :thumbsup:

looks great so far!! Love that color. Dont give up!!

Yes it’s for me, unless the wool is too scratchy for my liking…I didn’t realize it would feel so rough! I have eczema so my skin is sensitive.

lookin good!

Here’s an updated pic…I’ve finished the cuff and am now on the Rice stitch!

Yea!! :cheering: :cheering: