WIP: Another Basketweave Scarf

I saw a beautiful basketweave scarf here and was so surprised at how different it was from mine that I decided to post mine, too. This one is very narrow and I added an extra stitch on each side for the slip-stitch edging.

This was a false start for a Christmas project, and it doesn’t have a home, so who knows when I’ll ever get it finished, but I love working on it. It’s about 5 feet long now, and I have plenty of yarn, so I can make it forever long. :knitting:

Very pretty! I’d give it a home.

Basketweave is one of my favorite pattern stitches of all time! Great work!

beautiful! I love it!

It’s one of my faves, too. For once the purl side takes center stage and the knit side becomes “the back.” The back side reminds me of antique brickwork, where the morter oozes out between the bricks. (Okay, so I’m Nutz – now you know what you only suspected until now.) :rofl:

That’s lovely. I’d be proud to be the owner of that scarf. The fact that it’s so nice and long and narrow is an added bonus in that they can chose to tie it many ways!:yay:

Very pretty – love the color.

I love basketweave, too. Your edge looks great!

Thanks. My biggest gripe about basketweave was always the sloppy edges. Thanks to this forum, I now add the extra 2 stitches and slip the first stitch of every row and VOILA! Instant, nice, no-brainer edging. YEE-HAH! :happydance: