WIP and a FO thats a tad odd

I tried to upload piccys onto here but for some bizar reason my computer wont allow me and as its in french i have no flipping idea why not. so im so sorry its links if you want to see what im upto at the moment

this one went very very wrong, i took a risk by using the wrong yarn, so as i did it in a 90% wool blend i though OK lets felt it and see what happens, and its still shall we say a little odd :teehee:

WIP for a toddler jumper for charity

WIP again for my very first attempt at cable, i’ve run out of yarn as its a stash scarf. the yarn breaks at the end of rows are actually where the yarn has been knotted in the skein!! it was for my mum for her birthday but now it’ll be binned as its not good enough.

i have another couple of FO but no piccys yet, i will do them in th enext couple of days (now i’ve learnt to use the camera again after my son touched buttons and un installed just about everything lol

finally the mittens for charity

Very nice . I love the scarf :slight_smile: It is a real shame that you will have to bin it .

First of all your photos are too large to post and second I don’t think photobucket allows you post on other sites. Get a Flickr account. Click the link in my sig and learn how to resize and post.

They all look great btw. :thumbsup:

Thanks Jan, i will change to a flicker account then. That could explain it, sorry they are to large and links i did try honest Im just not good with computers :aww: .

I will alter to flicker account though, then next lot i add i can do properly :cheering:

Thanks Jan

One of the nice things about Flickr is that you can choose a size to post so even if the uploaded photo is too large you can still share. I just found out that you can only upload 200 photos before you have to pay to join, but you can always delete stuff to add more space if you need to and don’t want to pay. :wink:

Thanks Jan

I dont tend to put anything other than knitting once on there as mine all go onto facebook or just store on the computer.

I know for next time, thanks again :happydance:

Seriously!>!>? I thought it was that much space per month. sob Man that stinks.

Susi, I love your FO~~!!!

Photobucket allows you to change the size of the images as well under your options. And you can post to other sites. Just as an info.

You have some very nice projects there! Thanks so much for sharing your work with us!

Great looking WIP’s, and I like the FO too!

FWIW, I use photobucket and post pics here with no problems. :slight_smile: