WIP and a Few FOs

Well, I FINALLY got something to take a pix of and share. LOL. UNFORTUNATELY the computer and I are having a “failure to communicate” and even though I resized the pix (and also tried to insert from URL) they are not going in. Sorry, but if you really want to see some of what I’ve been up to, you’ll have to click on the links below until such time as I can make this work. Urg.

First is My So-Called Scarf that I’m knitting for my mom for Christmas.

The Flower Power Washcloth was my first endeavor knitting on two circs. URG… took me a bit to get that down (of course, considering I was sitting in front of the computer watching Amy’s video and trying to learn it at 2am cause I needed it for a gift the next day probably didn’t help, but… FINISHED it. YAY!) This was for a garden theme holiday gift swap. The soap that went with it was handmade soap with Rose and Thyme scent added along with dried rose petals and dried thyme both from my garden. Only problem with the wash cloth was that the recipient wanted to frame it rather than USE it. LOL. God bless her for thinking it was so pretty, but USE IT! LOL.

Other pix are of some other washcloths I have knit thus far for holiday gifts that will be paired with more homemade soap.

Great job. What yarn are you using for the scarf? It’s beautiful.

I agree the scarf is beautiful, and usually I don’t like sparkly, variegated yarns.

Awesome wash clothes and soap, lucky receivers they are :slight_smile:

Very nice stuff. I love all the wash cloths you made. You are very crafty if you made the soap too!

The scarf looks great. the washcloths are adorable :slight_smile:

I really like the scarf. What a neat idea wash cloths with homemade soap.

Great job! I love the yarn you’re using for the scarf too - beautiful! And your washcloths are so pretty! It’s funny, I’ve decided to research making soap to go with washcloths for gifts next year … any suggestions as to sites that are very helpful?

Your scarf is beautiful! Love the yarn – what is it?? Your flower power washcloth is really cute – I’m glad it was appreciated. That’s a great gift idea to pair the washcloths with soaps. I’m sure they’ll be appreciated.

I love the yarn you are using for the scarf so pretty!! Everything looks great :thumbsup:

They all look great… I really love the dishcloths, I’ve made some of the same patterns

Your scarf is lovely – what yarn are you using. I love your gift idea of washclothes and soap – I will need to keep that in mind for next year.

Wow. :aww: Thank you all SO much for your extremely kind words. To answer, hopefully, as many of the questions as possible thus far in one shot…

The yarn is Mosaic Twist by Yarn Bee (from Hobby Lobby) in Colorway 113 Terra Rosa. Normally $6 something/skein, I found it on sale once for 99cents (saw that it is back on sale again for that price, or at least it was Monday) so I bought a couple with this scarf in mind.

As for making soap… I cheat, ESPECIALLY considering I’m in a time crunch. LOL… I just purchased glycerin soap chunks, some oil to scent it the soap, and am using molds I have from another project. Just toss the soap chunks in the microwave, nuke it till melted, add scents and any other goodies you want, pour into molds and a couple hours later pop-em out and wa-laa. Soap.

We have a small price limit for our gift exchanges. The soap/washcloth I felt would make a great little gift that still fell within that range. I mean how many small flashlight keychains or knickknacks you’ll NEVER put out can one person really need? LOL.

Thank you all again for your very sweet comments. This was the first time I have posted any FO or WIP (sad that I’m JUST now getting some things finished, huh?). Have a great day.

Very Pretty!!!:yay:

Wonderful work, as usual! You are inspiring! :muah:

Beautiful! I want to join your gift exchanges! :slight_smile:

:aww: thank you all. NOW if I can JUST finish the rest of my holiday knitting before I head home for the holidays. I’ll probably be knitting on the drive there as well…while the DH is driving, of course.

everything looks great! i love the yarn you chose for the scarf! i also love all the patterns on the washcloths, they are so pretty!

You’ve been busy! The scarf looks great and the washcloths are lovely:cheering:

Everything looks very nice. I really like the pretty stitch patterns on the washcloths.

Lovely! The soap sounds terrific, too.