WIP: American Flag Afghan

Hello, everybody! Haven’t been around too much these days, been knitting up a storm! Besides teaching a “class” (helping friends :wink:) knitting booties, hats, and cardigans, (can’t seem to get enough of those!), I’m working on this afghan. It has a double destination. [B][U]IF[/U][/B] I finish it in time, I want to enter it in our county fair, which is waaay too close as it is. And afterward, it will go to a friend of mine who no longer lives in the US, but misses it a lot. (And, it’s really cold where he lives.)
It is driving me up the wall!!! It’s just a plain stockinette stitch, so easy! Too easy!!! I hate it because it is 288 sts. long, and takes forever to knit a single row!!!
I need some pats on the back, please, so I can finish it. :chair:

Here’s a pic. Sorry, it’s really fuzzy.

That’s one of those things I wouldn’t even attempt. WAY too much purling when you do stockinette. :zombie: More power to you! It’s going to be beautiful!

Not only pats on the back, but MAJOR kudos for such a beautiful project for the Fair and as a gift to a homesick friend.

Please keep us up to date on how this is going. This will be absolutely gorgeous :heart: when you finish it. I look forward to seeing photos as you progress.

It’s going to be gorgeous! You’ve made great progress and you’ll be up to the blue field of stars soon; still stockinette but at least a bit more varieation in color and pattern. I can’t wait to see this wonderful county fair entry and gift complete.

We are all vigorously beating you on the back encouraging you on! It is going to be beautiful!!!

Wow! You’re amazing–and so is your knitting. Whether you finish this in time for the fair or not, your friend will love it. Making this is truly a labor of love (well, I don’t want to stress [I]labor[/I] too much, lest you give it up as too much work). You’re doing a splendid job so far, and I can’t wait to see the finished afghan!

Thank so much everyone!:muah:
It’s still coming. I doubt I can finish it for the fair, being that I’m on the seventh stripe and the fair is next Tuesday, but that’s okay. I’ll post a pic tonight of the beginning ‘star’ work. :wink:

Could you put place markers in so when you get to them it’s a goal? I have trouble stopping before I hit a goal, so I love socks. Each step is the perfect amount of time to knit.
Then you can just focus on getting to the next marker instead of where you are in the row.:muah:

I love these types of blankets! They become FAMILY HEIRLOOMS!

Way to go! Keep on keepin’ on! :thumbsup:

Had to post a progress pic. Still working on it, but I needed a break for a little while.
I missed a chance to Skype with the friend; his family threw a huge party, and everybody Skype-d with him, except us, because we were late. His mom told me that when they sang happy birthday to him (it was his twenty-first birthday) he kinda tore up. It’ll be two years in January since we have seen him, and we won’t see him anytime in the near future, and we missed our chance. It’s kinda maddening.
I want to finish this and send it to him as soon as possible.

Oh, now that’s [I]some[/I] progress there! This is going to be a real treasure for your friend. You knit beautifully by the way. All that stockinette stitch–WOW!

So sorry to hear you missed a chance to see/talk to your friend on his birthday. Could you set up your own personal Skype call with him sometime? Seems to me you could get a lot of talking in that way without any distractions from other friends/family members.

That is going to be beautiful! I might need to take it on for my nephew newly in the military. I am getting started on one for him in his unit’s colors but I know he would love this! Thank you for posting and keep on going.

I love seeing the progress you’ve made on this gorgeous afghan. It’s turning out really well. Sorry that you missed the Skype call but what a wonderful gift! Can’t wait to see the finished afghan.