WIP - Alpaca Vest

I decided to use the pound of sport weight alpaca to make my first vest. There isn’t enough for a full sweater but I think (am hoping) it will be enough to make a vest.

I was going to just improvise the thing but decided that although I have been studying many sweater patterns since I haven’t made one before I’d be better off to use a pattern and learn the specifics of the construction before I start trying it on my own.

I’m using the Unisex Vest pattern from Lion Brand’s site but did have to make some small modifications for my chosen needle size and gauge as well as size to fit me. If I did my math correctly it should come out about right for my size. (What can I say? I can’'t resist changing it up a little).

So far I’ve cast on the back and done the ribbing and am just starting on the body section. That’s a lot of knitting in sport weight and as I’m not the world’s fastest knitter this is gonna take me a while.

I’ll be posting progress pics as I go assuming I don’t totally screw it up along the way. :rofl:

A vest ought to be great! Don’t work about mistakes, there is always the frog pond… (smile)

Good luck! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

:happydance: Can’t wait to see it!!

It sounds great, I can’t wait to see some pics!

I too can’t resist changing the patterns-it usually starts out a small little change and ends up something completely unlike the pattern-lol! But it usually works so no worries :mrgreen:

Good luck :thumbsup:

Sounds great. Good luck with the pattern.

A nice soft alpaca vest, sounds yummy! Good luck and keep us posted.