WIP Advent calendar

So I’ve been knitting mini stockings for an advent calendar for my grandson.

I have the pattern down pat and have been knitting in between other projects.

The “embroidery” is not so cool……… :laughing: But I figured a couple of things. He’s 2, he doesn’t care. Nonna made it, so he doesn’t care.

Also, it’s my first try, so it makes it special. Right? Lol.

Either way I’m pretty chuffed with what I’ve done so far.

Just need to do a star for the top now.


I like!!! I’m a number of decades past two and think these are adorable.


Fantastic, he’s going to love this way beyond being 2!
It’s lovely.
My son has a pocket advent from when he was a baby (not a patch on yours, ours is a bought one, not nearly as nice) and I used to put little secret messages in each pocket about some Xmas type activity we would do that day - making a tree decoration, sending cards, writing a letter to santa, going to the local toddler group Xmas party, making strawberry Santa’s etc. It was so much fun,


That’s perfect and perfectly adorable! I love the idea of a daily activity or secret message, Creations. Although my mind immediately went to, a place to hide chocolate kisses. Who wouldn’t love this advent calendar?


Such a lovely and creative advent calender!

I love it! That’s a real heirloom. And I love the embroidered numbers.

It’s fabulous! Must be extra hard to embroider on top of garter stitch, which is inherently lumpy. You SHOULD be chuffed!

So beautiful :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart:

Wow, that’s really cool!