WIP A sweater top

I am knitting a sweter top for my self. I am using Knit Picks Comfy in the sport weight and the color Flamingo. I wanted a pattern on the back but couldn’t find one I liked so I knitted my ribbing, then on the next row I started the stockinette . I knitted ten stitches, yp,k2tog, knit 20 stitches, and repeated it till I got to the end of the row. Then I purled the next row. After tht I knitted atotal of ten rows and started another eyelet row but sttarted it with knit 20 stitches, yo, k2tog. tilee the end of row.The eyelets are staggered on the stockinette background. I also discovered a little trick, when using the russian join, when I reach that point in the yarn I am working with, I twist the join tightly and knit the stitches with it. It makes them less noticible .


Looking forward to seeing your sweater. Your work is always so lovely.