WIP: A string market bag

I am working on a string market bag found at this website:www.tiajudy.com/stringbag.htm . It is a little bigger than the one described in the link. I used a size 8 29" circular needle and casted on 30 stitches. Knitted 40 rows so that I got 20 ridges. Then picked up stitches all round it and then k1 yo to increase the stitches so that it would fit on needle easier. After that row, I knitted 3 rows of stockinette stitches and then started the pattern stitch of Row 1.(K2tog, YO) around
Row 2 (YO, K2tog) around. It looks pretty good so far and I intend to make another one for my daughter in law for a Christmas present after I finish it. The yarn is Peaches and Cream cotton yarn on the cone. I got it at my local Walmart when I was working on the afghan I made for them to remind them of Key West when they were stationed there and then were ordered to go back to Norfolk where my son is stationed aboard the USS Enterprise, the oldest aircraft carrier in the US Navy.

The bag is great, but you must be so proud of your son for what he is doing for this country. Let him know that I am so grateful for his sacrifice and duty to keep this great nation safe and free. I love anyone that protects our freedoms. Big hug to him from me in Savannah.:woot: :yay:


I will let him know , right now I think he is home from a two week cruise on the Enterprise to shake down the ship, after it had been in dry dock for repairs that kept it out of service for quite a few months. My hubby was in the Air Force and I was in the Navy before the kids came. Out of my three, two went in the military. Daughter and youngest son. Daughter was in the Air Force but got out after her son was born. Oldest son has kidney disease and had to have a kidney transplant in 2000. So no branch of military would take him since he was underweight and height(wasn’t tall enough). Any person who serves our country is in our prayers.

Absolutely in my prayers. I thank God every day that there are brave young men and women willing to make stand up and defend this country. I’m way too old to serve, but wise enough to know that our military men and women are the best. We have Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Force here in Savannah. My dad and brother were both Coast Guard. I love them all!

I adore these market bags!!

I couldn’t have said it better! Blessings to your family!

Ooh, I love that! I’ve been looking for a pattern for a small market bag to tuck away in my bag for when I stop off at the store. Thanks for the link.

You are very welcome for the pattern. I printed it out for me. I also bookmarked the site.

An update on the progress: I have knitted 5 inches after starting the Row 1. K2tog, YO , Row 2. YO, K2tog. I only have 7 more inches to go before binding off for the handle.

I have reached the end of the yarn on the cone of the Peaches and Cream. But I am not going to stop. I have 3 balls of the Peaches and Cream I bought recently before school let out.I bought it for some unknown reason but I guess I was thinking of this .

I absolutely love those bags. I crocheted myself one a few weeks ago and found out that it makes a perfect library book bag. Perfect for summer reading!

Well I am at 8 inches , only 4 inches more to go. I hope the last two balls of Peaches and Cream are enough. I had to open the fist ball of it after I ran out of the cone yarn. The cone was a partial left over from some other work.

Well when I got to 10 inches , I did 3 rows of stockinettebut had to join the second ball of Peaches and Cream on the 2nd row of the 3 rows os Stockinette. I only have 1 1/2 inch to go before binding off and forming the handle.

I am on my last row of the pattern stitch. The next row I will be decreasing and then knitting some garter stitch rows before forming the handles.

The Bag is finished. I put only one handle on it . So when I get paid again I will be getting another cone of Peaches and Cream to make my daughter-in-law one.

I have started another bag with Peaches and Creame Shades of Spring colorway > I have added up all my stitches to find that I need to increas by one stitch so as to have an even number of stitches. This time I am going to do a different stitch pattern. It will be a Row 1.* K2tog, YO* Row 2. Knit. It will give a different look but will still be stretchy.

I am on the last handle for the Shades of Spring bag. It looks really good .

I am finished with the bag of Shades of Spring!

Thanks for link. I will give this a go.