WIP, a little p0rn, and magazines!

Hi all,

I’m presently working on the Lotus Blossom Tank… and I just received yesterday the mags in the mail from that link Rebecca posted. Thanks Rebecca! Thanks everyone!

My sister recently travelled to the US and I sent the bamboo yarn to her so I started the tank on Friday night. Thing is, the bamboo yarn feels soft when you pet the yarn, but it feels like I’m knitting with plastic! Very strange feeling in my hands. Additionally, I’m not sure about the colour I’ve chosen. Its Tequilla, a varigated colour blend and I don’t think the pattern is showing very well with it! Then there’s the actual knitting up of the tank. I’m knitting the largest size and it seems small on the needles? I’m hoping that it will be wider off the needles. This yarn was pretty expensive for me (is there a suitable substitution that anyone knows about?) and I hope I won’t need to buy anymore of it! (each skein is 100 g/ 250 yards and I bought 4 of them).

Thanks for the suggestions/ help. Meanwhile, here are some pics!

Done so far… the first repeat isn’t done yet… I’m to row 14


Bamboo yarn


I’m so happy to see that you received your stuff :cheering: I love that colorway, I’d not seen it yet…I might just have to have some :cheering:
I have heard of others using cotton, I think, for this top, you might want to check out this kal for the lbt, I’m sure you will find out what yarns have been substituted :wink:

awww such a lovely color!!! can’t wait to see it when you’re done knitty!!! and that color is just wonderful!! :smiley: :smiley:

Great start, gorgeous color!

Very pretty–gorgeous color! What link for magazines? I want some too!

that looks just beautiful. i’ve seen some lb tanks in knitting blogland in variegated colors, and they came out great. i’m sure yours will be stunning.

Lovely color! I’ll be interested to see how things turn out as I have not yet knit with bamboo.

Mama Bear