WIP: 4AAT free-sole socks

In pursuit of my sock goal (14 pairs of handknit socks in my drawer), I’ve just started 2 pairs of free-sole socks. One will be in linen st, and the other will be honeycomb stripes (lace).

Pretty, pretty, pretty. You must be happy with this style of sock. Is this more recycled sweater yarn? I went to look for sweaters to ravel out and came home with one to wear.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes, I like the free-sole sock and would like to hone my technique. The green yarn is recycled sweater yarn, an angora/lambswool blend that I dyed with Kool Aid. The other yarn is Adriafil Knitcol. I have so much stash yarn, I don’t think I’ll need to buy sock yarn for the next couple of years.

I know what you mean about sweaters to unravel vs. to wear. I picked up a lovely gray lambswool Fair Isle cardigan that I intended to unravel. It was so cute I decided to try it on before unraveling it and was surprised to find that it fit. So, instant sweater! :inlove:

LOL Bonus! I never find anything for me to wear when I look.

I love your yarn colors and the idea of the free-sole socks. Can’t wait to see the finished socks in both patterns.

Thanks. I’m eager to see how they come out, too. After these are done, I need only 3 more pairs to make my goal of 14. I will then have a drawer full of luscious handknit socks. I guess you can tell I love handknit socks. :heart:

Wonderful colors. I’ll look forward to the WIP to see how this comes out because I’m not all that familiar with the free sole socks and I’m starting my first pair of socks shortly.

Beautiful colors! But STOP! You’re making my head spin! Two at a time is, like, four socks at once, yes?



Let’s see…2 socks to a pair, 2 pair at a time, 4 socks at a time. Yeah, that works. 2 + 2 = 4.
I ferreted out another clue:

WIP: 4AAT free-sole socks

Antares, you’ve got it! :clink: Well done. :thumbsup:

ETA smileys. My apologies to Antares as it was meant in good fun.

Well, make fun if you want to (although that’s pretty tacky), but knitting anything four at a time makes my head spin. I do good to knit one thing at a time! Egads!

Oops! I forgot to add smileys. I’ll go back and put them in 'cuz I never meant for you not to get it.

Smileys added. 'Cuz I sure want you to get that it’s just fun. I guess I should remember that sometimes I don’t get what other people say. We live and learn, maybe?

I’ve been reading GrumpyGramma’s posts for a while, and I know she likes to have fun with them. I don’t think she meant it in an unkind way.

As for the 4AAT, lots of people like to knit socks 2AAT to avoid the second sock syndrome (you get one sock done and then can’t get motivated to knit the 2nd one) and so you can make adjustments as you go along without having to keep a lot of notes. Once I had learned how to knit 2AAT (using magic loop), I realized that adding 2 more socks wasn’t difficult. You simply repeat what you did for the first 2. It’s just more of the same, not really more complexity. I’ve also done 6AAT (yes, 3 pairs), but I’m not ready to do that again until I’ve mastered the free-sole technique.

Fortunately, we all get to decide for ourselves how we want to work our projects. But I’m glad people post different approaches, because that’s how I improve.

Carol, I am in awe of your sock knitting abilities! These next pairs look great so far. I have yet to start my second pair which will be only 2 at a time, toe up. I can’t get myself to cast on. Something about that really thin yarn and skinny needles…

It never occurred to me to unravel sweaters and knit socks with them. Brilliant!..and you go one step further and dye the yarn. Love your colors! Hope you meet your goal, and enjoy every minute doing it.

You can do it! :cheering:

P.S. Some people start sock knitting with worsted weight. I have a couple of pairs like that. It’s easier to see the stitches, and the socks knit up faster.

I’ve been unraveling sweaters and recycling the yarn for quite a while. I love being able to knit as much as I want without feeling like I’m spending a fortune on my hobby. I can get yarns I probably wouldn’t otherwise splurge on, such as silk and cashmere. If you want to try it, just remember to check seams and don’t bother with sweaters whose side seams are serged (because each strand of yarn will be cut at the seams, so you’d get short lengths of yarn).

The dyeing is a real bonus. It’s very easy and fun. The only thing I haven’t added is spinning my own yarn. But I don’t want to spread myself too thin and cut into my knitting time.

Thanks for the explanation on 4AT. I knitted the two sleeves of my sweater at the same time so the gauge wouldn’t change on me and cause one sleeve to be longer. I’m thinking of doing that with socks but I took the easy way and bought two sets of DPNs. I’m really impressed with your technique.

I deleted it. It wasn’t nice. After I came back and looked again, I realized that.

eta: That color is really off, especially the top one, which is really purple, orange, and yellow.

Thanks. Whatever works for you. I think working two socks on 2 sets of DPNs should give you the same results as I get working both sets on one circ. There’s another way of making 2 socks on one set of DPNs, one sock held inside the other. I think it involves double knitting, but I don’t like DPNs, so I never learned that technique.