WIP: 2nd sock!

Completed my first toe up sock this morning! And I’m avoiding the dread 2nd sock-itis… life doesn’t get much better than that!:happydance:

Sorry for the poor picture - I was seriously decaffeinated when I took it. :biting:

I see now how socks can be addictive. Anything that captures my attention BEFORE my first cuppa joe has the potential to be life changing, and these little guys have completely enthralled me. cloud9

It’s a bit wonky in a few places, especially the first couple of toe increases, but just getting through the process was what mattered most to me. I’m just glad the ladders are teeny tiny!

Sock 2 is on the circ now, and so far so good! I’ll have warm feet soon…:yay:

I think it looks great! I bet when you wash it it’ll even out any wonkiness.

I don’t do many socks because I have wide feet and unless I knit socks with laceweight they tend to be too thick. I’ve knit many house socks out of heavier weight yarn though.

I’m not sure how you knit these, but I avoid 2nd sock syndrome by knitting the two socks at once. Not on one needle, but on separate circular needles or sets of needles. I knit till I reach the heel then do the other one, knit the heel then do the other one. Works great!

Sock one successfully completed! It looks wonderful and the colors are great. What yarn is it?

Thanks Jan! This was my first sock ever so I opted to do one at a time on magic loop, figuring that if I had to frog, I only had to frog one. It was a good thing too as my cast on was too tight, hence the wonky toe increases. Now that I’m on the 2nd sock, the tension issue there is resolved. :yay: The next pair will be 2 at a time if I’m feeling brave. That first knitted round is still a doozy for me.

I never thought about sock yarn being too thick. My feet are a bit on the wide side too. If the sock is too thick for me, I have a pair of bed socks. Never can have too many of those!

Thanks! It’s knit picks Felici sock yarn in Aquarium. Felici Mixed Berries is next up for socks, maybe. I went on a sock yarn binge, imagine that? LOL Perhaps a checkerboard pattern in a delightful camel brown is next. I’m almost overwhelmed by the possibilities! cloud9

If you do two at a time MY way then you don’t have to be brave. I don’t mean two at a time on one long cable…I mean two separate cables, but work them alternately. Having them on separate needles you can easily just carry one sock and 1 skein of yarn with you and the yarns never tangle. It works great for a lot of the knitters I knit with weekly and second sock syndrome is no more because you’ve already got it cast on and partially worked. :thumbsup:

Gotcha! Maybe one day I’ll get brave enough to try two on one cable, but for now I like your way best! Thanks ever so much!!! :thumbsup:

Good for you! It’s looking like a great [U]pair[/U] of socks are on the horizon!

I knit socks all the time and this one looks great to me! I love the colorway in it too. I have to say I have never done either two socks at once nor used magic loop, I just plod along with my dpns. I have never knitted toe up socks either. You did a great job! :inlove:

Thanks nonny! I bow at your feet, those of a master; DPN’s scare the daylights out of me… :notworthy:

That’s a great looking little sock there! And warm feet as a reward is not too shabby either!

:cheering: I love my new socks!:inlove:

Those are great! Put-me-in-the-zoo socks! (From Dr. Seuss book) :wink:

Love your socks! You did well.


Hey, look at that – two socks! :slight_smile: Your feet look happy. Great job!