WIP- 2 cardigans

I’m close to finishing two cardigans so I thought I’d share. Both are also on Ravelry.


I’m using Rowan Panama in a denim blue color. I’m actually at the bind off on the bottom. Then I pick up stitches for the button band. Class isn’t for two weeks so I can work on sleeves between now and then.

Circumnavigated Cardigan

I’m using Berroco Weekend in brown. Need to finish the sleeves and pick up for the v-neck button band.

Both sweaters look great! Your knitting is so even – even before blocking!

Fun to see the work in progress. They both look wonderful and the pockets on the second are a nice touch. Beautiful work!
Are you going to try Dorset buttons for the Amiga?

Nice work! :heart: the denim color!


These are lovely works-in-progress! And two of them? Wow!

I just bought a couple of those button making kits from Wal-Mart, and I’m hoping I can use scraps from my HUGE stash of wallpaper samples to make buttons. Only problem is I don’t have any projects that require buttons at the moment.

Thanks for sharing your projects.

They are going to be great! I love the front pocket.:inlove:


The one with the pocket is my second of that particular pattern. The pockets are ingenious and very handy! :thumbsup:

I doubt I’ll do the dorset buttons, but we’ll see.

Your sweaters are marvelous Jan!:inlove:

Wow, I like those a lot. I esp. like the brown one; those pockets are so neat! Very lovely.

the brown one looks like one of my old favorite hoodies xD

Those are absolutely beautiful…and they look like a LOT of work!!! Gosh, I didn’t even know pockets like that were POSSIBLE in knitting. (guess it depends a lot on who’s doing the knitting lol).

They’re actually surprisingly easy! You use a provisional cast on and cast on the body stitches plus the pocket stitches. After some shaping you graft bottom and top. Sounds confusing but the pattern is pretty well written and lots of people have made them.

Looking good! Like the pockets.

Nice stitches, Jan! They are lookin’ great!

I’ve knit a few top-down raglan cardigans…but only one turned out right. I admire knitters who can get that row gauge spot on!

My flops had armpits that hung down so far past where they should have! Made the fit look sloppy. That’s what I get for substituting yarn. Stitch gauge: spot on. Row gauge: a tragedy!


Thank you so much for posting your WIPs, I knew it wasn’t so but somehow I couldn’t get rid of the idea that you went from start to stunning FOs w/o the in between stages. These are great and will be just as lovely as everything else you do. Love those pockets! I have to hop over to ravelry to see more about them.

I love the blue cardigan. I plan on making it too someday.