Winter Wonderland Swap 2007 (Successfully Ended)

How do I put the swap picture in my signature?:pout:

I just heard about this today…what a great idea! I’ll be sending my answers in today.

I’m in – and not sure whether to be excited or nervous :wink: – but for some reason, emails from me tend to get lost in spam filters. (I’m not spam, really! gnaws on fingers just to make sure)

You can do it through your User CP, click on edit signature. Then go down and add it like you would a picture into a message (click the little mountainscape in the tools area).

did it work?:shrug:

Yup! :thumbsup:

I’ll have to check into my money and see if I can afford to swap this time around.
I have had so much fun on the last 2 swaps.

I’m so excited!
I think I’ll ask my friend if she wants to do it too. She had lots of fun helping me wrap the last one :slight_smile: or she could just help me cram everything again!

Just sent in my answers. Yeah!!! I am so excited!!

I’m in I’m in!!! I missed the signup date on the last one. :cheering:

I’m in too! I love swaps. :slight_smile:

:woohoo:Yipee!! I’m in!! Can’t wait!!:woohoo:

:cheering:Yay! I got the email my questionaire was recieved! I can’t wait! :cheering:

I just sent in my questionnaire!

I’ll play. Looking forward to it…I am new to the forum and of course this is my first time to play swap. I have sent you an email with the answers. thanks.

Just a quick update… If you have submitted your questionaire for the swap but have NOT received your confirmation email DO NOT FRET… I got a little twisted going between two systems and have some of my emails from you at home on the other system and I keep forgetting to (1) transfer them to my laptop and/or (2) respond from the home system. I WILL get your confirmations out to you this week.

Thank you for your patience.

was wondering about the comfirmation reply as I haven’t heard yet!!

Just sent my questionnaire! This is my first swap with KH. I just did one thru a myspace group.

I AM SO EXCITED!!! :cheering:

I just PM’d you my questionaire.

Yeah!!! Another swap!!!

i am so excited!
:shifty: i picked up some wintery drink mixes… you know… just in case my swapper might like those things :wink: