Winter Wonderland Swap 2007 (Successfully Ended)

Count me in as well!

Just sent in my answers! So count me in! Getting excited already! Can’t wait to get started!

oh why not? I haven’t even gotten a box for the fall swap yet, but I’m all over this one! I’ll send in my info asap!! Thanks astonh!!

I want to do another swap, since the last one went soooo well :heart:

Count me in! I’ll fill out the questionaire once I decide on things =)

I’d like to join! I’ll get to the survery soon!

(Horray, my first swap!)

I am so in!! Altough I think Heather figured that much because she sent me a questionaire this morning before I ever saw that there was a swap! :roflhard: I can’t wait to get started. I’m thinking of a rainbow of various possibilities!!

I want to play!! I want to play!!! I will send in my questionaire soon. I just have to think a little bit about the answers. No spontaneous bone in my body!! :slight_smile:

:muah:I can’t say how happy I am that people have responded to my idea! I originally had thought of a secret santa, but AstonH is so smart she changed it to a winter theme to not exclude anyone, and took over and made it so wonderful! I can’t wait to get started!
I wanted to start looking today but I guess I have to wait to get a partner first!:woohoo:

I think I may sit this one out :frowning: I’m going to spend a lot of time out of state during this swap, but I don’t know when yet. Maybe if I can work it out so I’ll know before the end of October, I’ll join in. But as I right now, I’d only be able to promise to be the mysteriously disappearing swapper who fails to return e-mails.

I’m still gonna lurk and see all the goodies you guys get though :wink:

I definitely enjoyed the last swap. I would love to join this one.

ETA: I’ve answered and emailed my swap questionnaire.

I want in!

i’m in!!!

I’m in also!!! My first swap! How exciting. I’ll send my questionaire in tonight. Let’s do this! :woot:

This is my first swap! I sent my questionnaire and I’m already cooking up some ideas…

ooh more shopping :cheering: i’ll have to be in on this one too!

I’m in, just sent in questionnaire

I am in too. I get to shop for knitting things. This is great.

Hurry up and give me my person, so I can start thinking of idea.:out:

I cant wait to find out who my swap person is! I’m saving a skein of yarn to dye, just for them!:woohoo:

The questionnaires are piling in! This is SO exciting. I’ve got a bday party I have to do today for a 1 yr old (Fun, I know) and I have guests coming in but rest assured that I’ll get your confirmation emails out to you all asap!

This is so fun! I love a good swap! :slight_smile: