Winter Wonder Cabled Yoke Sweater

I am getting a wee bit annoyed reading this pattern.

Winter Wonder Cabled Yoke Sweater from

It is not in order and I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out which part goes first and then the next step after that.

Does anyone know which order the directions are suppose to go in?
I really appreciate any help I can get. I feel a little silly asking.
Thank you so much for any help I can get!

The pattern does have a lot of up front material but it follows pretty much in order. A schematic would have helped enormously.

Start with the Yoke Cable which used the panel A instructions just above. Once you’ve reached the given length for your size, cast off and join the cast on and cast off edges to form a tube.
Bottom Yoke: Pick up sts along the bottom edge of the tube and follow the bottom yoke rows (only about 7-8 rows) until you separate for the sleeves.
Then follow the Body instructions to the bottom cuff of the sweater.
Sleeves: Use the sleeves sts that were separated off at the end of the Bottom Yoke instructions to knit the sleeves.
Finally, follow the Top Yoke instructions by picking up sts from the upper edge of the yoke tube and knit these sts to the neck cast off.

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I think I understand now.

Thank you so much!