Winter Warmer - Two End Knitting


Came across this today - can’t say I’d heard of it before.

It’s a Swedish traditional way of knitting, using both ends of one ball of yarn and twisting the yarn as you work.

Seems it produces a wind-proof fabric, especially useful for mitts and hats - just the thing if you’re up to your ho-hos in snow.

Anyone tried it?

Scroll down to the bottom of the link and you’ll find this primer

on how to untangle yarn - handy to know if both ends of your ball want to meet up with each other, for whatever reason.

All the Best

Looks a little like double knitting to me… but I didn’t read the page, except for the swedish title, which, indeed, means two-end-knitting… :smiley:
But if it WERE double knitting, it would indeed produce quite a warm thing…

Sorry for my interlude … :smiley:

It does look it’s similar to double knitting and it does look warm. :thumbsup:

Interesting! I found a Knitty article on it too -->

Twinned knitting (it also has a scandinavian name that i can’t remember how to spell!) is a form of double knitting.

It creates a double layer, 1 sided fabric.

it does something else. look at ‘sample’ below
1 yarn is V, the other yarn is v (one upper case, one lower)


Look at the center (red V)–see how the stitches above and beside the red V are small (lower case) v’s

when you work in twinned knitting (a kind of mesh)
you also make a fabric that is run resistant.
(since the stitches either side an above are worked with a different yarn, if a stitch ‘breaks’–it doesn’t run (ladder)

this make twinned knitting not only warmer, but more durable.

Amundsen, (the south pole explorer) and his crew all had ‘twin knitting’ mittens from his mother (he spoke of them in his south pole exploration diary/log…)