Winter Reading

Do your reading habits change with the seasons? I read a lot more, and the subject matter often changes to ‘old favorites’. Some books I’ve read and reread many times. For example, there is the complete [I]Annotated Sherlock Holmes[/I] that I reread every two years or so. Some stories I skip, but when I do read them, Jeremy Brett is the Holmes my mind conjures up.

Then there is [I]Winter’s Tale[/I] by Mark Halprin. Some people I’ve passed it on to love it, some just give it back shaking their heads. I’m thinking about reading, again, all of Shakespeare, and maybe, all of Poes’ mysteries. Then there are the mysteries that always seem to come my way, as well as our Bible study. Around our anniversary, in January, I’ll look through some of the older poets until I find a poem just right to give to my husband.

I’d be really interested to know if any one else changes what they read as the weather cools down . . . or what you like to read if you go to a warmer location for a visit or Snowbirding.

I don’t think I do. I love rereading some favorites though.

A lot of my habits change depending on the seasons because we have more obvious seasons than some places (i.e. Jan in CA!). I do a lot more knitting in the winter and a lot more reading because we can’t be outside and there seems to be less to do.

I’m reading [I]Pride and Prejudice[/I] right now and I’m enjoying it so much. It’s one of my favs.

:teehee: Um… yeah.

I knit more in the winter and my reading stays about the same. I read anything that catches my interest at the library and then I have bookcases full of books I like to reread when I’m out of library books. I bough a half dozen books on knitting from KP’s book sale and I will have time to sit down and read those later this year.

My habits change slightly. I love to read cheap easy teen novels in late summer/early Autumn. Especially of the “horror” variety. haha. I recently bought a giant stack of Fear Street books from Value Village for 6 bucks. I am just finishing up the last one now. Cheap and easy teen thrillers are my guilty pleasure. I loved them 12 years ago, and I still love them now. haha.

For late fall/early winter I tend to lean toward classics. Especially if they involve cold weather… or the holiday’s specifically. When I finish my cheap teens I will probably re-read Jane Eyre, and Wuthering Heights. I feel in a rut book wise right now, but it is difficult to get to a bookstore or library.

Last August all the way through till this August I pretty much just read the Twilight series over and over and over with like 2 other books in between. I will probably pick up Twilight again in November before the movie comes out on November 21.

And of course, back on topic – In late Winter, when I am in the blahs, I will re-read Anne of Green Gables. I instantly go to a vibrant, fresh green Prince Edward Island landscape in my head, and since the majority of the story is in Summer or Spring it’s just the pick me up I need when winter is no longer fresh and crisp, but soggy and grey.

Spring and Summer are fairly random, usually I’ll re read Wicked, the Da Vinci Code, and some favourites from my childhood by Beverly Cleary when I need something light and sweet.

I love re-reading books… My mom does NOT like to do that. She reads it once and is done, but at some point I actually miss the characters, the setting, the time, the place… I need to go back and be there again.

I read cheap sleazy sexy stories in the summer, and save the big epic novels for the sutumn and winter. I read The Thorn Birds once a year, usually between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I also read the Outlander series (Diana Gabaldon)once a year, usually after Christmas, but they’re so long (and I should be reading my textbooks) that it’s usually spring when I finish.

This is my first autumn & winter not facing the cold and snow, so I can’t tell you. I read a lot more when I lived in Maine than I do now, because I am spending more time knitting. I tend to reread books whenever the mood strikes (or the budget doesn’t include any new books).

I just moved today (record for me of 60 days between moves!) and am within walking distance of the library now. I am looking forward to checking out the classics they have on the shelves, plus Bug, Ladybug, & I will be attending their Keiki (children) Storytime when our schedule allows.

Now that there is a DGD in our lives, I’m looking forward to rereading all the childrens books that I loved. Spent hours and hours in the library during the summer months and on Saturdays, the librarians knew me by name, and when a new book came in that I’d like they’d save it for me. When I tried to read Ian Flemings’ books, at twelve, they called my mother and agreed I shouldn’t. :slight_smile: I read them anyway, sitting back in the stacks.

Books are friends, for sure.

I too love to read… I have all of the Outlander books. I used to live in the library in the summers when I was a child. My favorite librarian guided my reading and introduced me to many authors. My current favorite authors are Tom Clancy & David Balducci.

The Outlander series was awesome - was it not? I loved the first 4 books, but the Fiery Cross wasn’t as good and I still have not been able to get through Breath of Ashes (I think that’s the name). Maybe I’ll try that in the weeks ahead.

I, like others, do more knitting in the winter and usually watch my BBC “Poirot” or “Sherlock Holmes” videos (maybe some comedies as well, or just movies in general that I like and hubby doesn’t) in the morning on the weekends before DH gets up. But, in the summer I can read almost anything. I read a couple of Clive Cussler books this summer and the 4th book in Julie Kenner’s “Demon-hunting Soccer Mom” series (very good). I also read a great series by Wilbur Smith that starts with “River God”, “The Seventh Scroll”, “Warlock” and “The Quest”. Excellent.

I love reading and books, but I need to keep on the fast track with Christmas knitting right now.

Diana Gabaldon fan right here too. My husband is reading Fiery Cross right now (he gets his news online so he needs something to read…ahem). I read through a few quick novels a couple months ago, but am now reading [U]I Know This Much Is True[/U] by Wally Lamb. He needs to write more books. This is probably the first time that I have [I]not[/I] burned through an entire book in a day or two. It has been over a month since I started, but due to my lifestyle and the content of the book, I’m taking my time. Even though it’s a fat book, there aren’t a lot of people to keep track of, so it has a lot of depth to the story. For those that have read it (spoiler for those that haven’t yet), I snuggled up to my baby and held my husband’s hand at bedtime after I read the part about Angela and I cried and cried and cried.

My kntting and reading time depend on what’s going on in my life. For over a year I didn’t do either because I was too maxed out. Most people would say that they rely on a calming hobby moreso at this point, but for me it turns into feeling like [B]more[/B] work. So, when I’m calm, happy and have the leisure I knit and read :slight_smile:

On top of reading the Wally Lamb book, I am about to start a pair of socks for my brother.

:hug: Debkcs–I knew I liked you for more than your great personality and your knitting skills. You love Sherlock Holmes. ME, TOO! I have the complete collection of the Sherlock Holmes stories with the original illustrations from [I]The Strand[/I] magazine. I usually re-read them at least once year. And yes, Jeremy Brett always comes to mind as I read. I was so bummed when he passed away–(the man smoked like a fiend). There will never be another portrayal as good as his.
BTW-if you want to see something funny/odd-- watch My Fair Lady–Jeremy plays Freddie the upper class dude that falls in love with Eliza. He was so young and handsome. (Swoony worthy–sigh) I was shocked when I realized it was him. He stands in the middle of the street and sings “In the House that You Live” to Eliza. No that’s not really him singing-he was dubbed.

I love to re-read favorite books, too! They’re like old friends, how could you not check in with a dear old friend once in a while?