Winter purses

I made the light pink and blue for our 2 neices for Christmas awhile back but then realized I had to felt them…so on the 23rd I made one for Roo and then felted them on Christmas Eve. The pattern is for sale hereon etsy and is very fast and easy. We dropped the patterns off at the grandmother’s house but haven’t caught back up with the twins to see if they liked the purses. I filled them with chapsticks, bubble bath, etc…

Yarn is Patons Classic Merino except the white and light blue that is Galaway worsted.

Those are too cute! I have a niece that would love this. Thanks for the link to the pattern.

I agree - they’re adorable!!!

Ditto ! I love them . :slight_smile:

Too cute! Have to keep those in mind for next year!

How cute are those! Love them!:thumbsup:

They are all very cute.

OOOOHH! So cute. My little one would LOVE that!

The purses are adorable! Thank you for the pattern information!

Thanks everyone, the girls loved them and didn’t want to put them down :happydance: