Winter In Indiana

Im staying in today. This is what it looks like outside here in Indiana.

Wow! I wish I were at home with you! Stay warm and safe!

:inlove: That is gorgeous!! A great reason to stay inside and warm and knit!

It’s much the same here. The second wave of the “storm” was apparently a bit unexpected here, it snowed allll day yesterday. There was also some sleet accumulation. I told hubby there was NO way he was going into work today especially since he couldn’t even make it into our driveway last night, and, it’s not a steep driveway! We had to ask our neighbors to help push the car far enough into the driveway so the car wasn’t halfway in the street…lol…

Wow, that’s SO beautiful~ I’d stay home too, while looking out the window, drinking hot cocoa, and thanking God for a warm house :thumbsup: