Winter IK HELP!

Just wondering if anyone who has the Winter IK issue can help me out a little. I’m making the Bubble Cable Dolman, and I’m a little confused.
After the sleeve ribbing, you begin the cable pattern, (From a chart with 5 fixed sts on each side and a 20 st repeat in the middle) while increasing 1 st each end every other WS row. The pattern says to continue in this manner, "working new sts into cable pattern"
How should I do this, do you think? Should I just continue to work those new sts in stockinette until there are enough to start another 20 st repeat out of them? I can’t really start the 5 fixed stitches before the repeat at the very beginning of the row, because there are cables incorporated there as well, and then the cable will be a st off every row!
I really want to make this sweater, please help!!!

It would be good if they explained it a little better.

Hmmm. I wouldn’t wait until there is a 20 stitch repeat to redo the cable pattern. There are two separate sections of the cable, so you’d have to work the 4-stitch cable on the outside edges first. for the first 10 rows, and the the round cable at the center section of the chart. Know what I mean?

I think what I’d do is either draw and expanded chart, or if you have a photocopier available, make some copies. Then each time you are on the right side after an increase, work it as if the chart were growing outward. If you don’t have enough to cross the cable, just knit it. When you have enough to cross, then do that.

Does that make any sense at all?

Yes, that does make sense! I’ll expand the chart to the number of total sts increased, then I can go row by row and mark where in the cable pattern I’ll need to begin that row. Ok. I just sat here for like 10 minutes studying the chart, and I think I can figure it out well enough. Haha. Though I think I’ll be starting over for the like 30th time. I kind of wanted to do it with different yarn anyway, since I started with cascade 220, and its not very springy and doesn’t really show off the cables. I’m thinking about some caron simply soft, something cheap and machine washable.

Thanks so much for your help!