Winter hats for those in need

Folks, cold weather is coming soon, if it isn’t here already in your part of the world. A fellow knitter showed me this easy and quick pattern for winter hats that can be made and given to … church, Open Door ministries, Salvation Army, whatever organization in your area helps those in true need.

Use sport weight yarn and size 10 needles. For warmth, double strand.

Cast on 60 sts.
Rib 2X2 for 7 inches.
K2tog to decrease to 30 sts.
Rib 2X2 for another inch.
K2tog to decrease to 15 sts.
Rib 2X2 for another inch.
K2tog to decrease to 15 sts.
Cast off, draw up, close seam with tapestry needle and add pom pom. This is the sort of cap that can be any “size” because you can fold the brim up as much as needed.
It’s what’s on the needles for me at the moment … Join me! :yay:

I’m in! Actually, I am on my second year of making charity hats. I think I have 4-5 finished, and plan on doing more before donating them to a local childrens charity in Oct/Nov. I have several patterns that I use, but my favorite is a basic beanie pattern - about 1" of ribbing then stockinette the rest of the way. I have made some scarves to donate this year as well.