Winter blues breakers


Dunno how you’re feeling over there but right now I’m tired of these eternal grey days and rain (anybody would think it was summer in the UK).

In fact, I’m told that on Monday it was the the most depressing day of the whole year (except for people enjoying the heat in the southern hemisphere :mrgreen:)

Anyway, enough of the gloom - as I can’t get to the sunshine, it’ll have to come to me :sun:

I’m starting off with a little ray of sunshine and cracked ice here:

Follow that up with a bit of this:

still not warm enough yet?

Hope you like the pix and music. Why not post a bit of your own personal sunshine and sounds here - should be really interesting seeing everyone’s favourite ‘getaway’ places!

Have a great weekend.:sun::sun::sun::hot::hot::hot:

All the Best

Ellie (the other one)

:hug:Thanks for that! It gives me hope that the ice is going to melt for good one of these days (weeks).

:cheering: Thanks! Loved that! It’s been soooo cold here in the Midwest USA the last few days…wind chills of negative 15 degrees F…that I’ve been starting to feel like it’s never gonna end! Thanks again for that little bit of sunny and warm!!


You’re more than welcome. Saw a news item last night that said 50% of Brits felt they had SAD - hardly surprising really - it stays dark for so much of the time in winter that it’s hardly worth calling it a ‘day’. I just don’t know how people up in the highlands of Scotland manage.

It’s amazing though what a bit of the right (tropical) blue can do - I saved the best link 'til last.

Mine is the second hammock along the top line (yeah, right - I wish!)

It’s the sort of place you don’t want to share with anyone and the only piece of luggage you need is perhaps a bar of chocolate - or maybe a box of chocs.

Yours, catching some rays :sun::):cool:


PS -

If I had to put up with those kind of temperatures again where you are, I think I’d hibernate for the winter. Hope it gets warmer - VERY SOON!!