Winnie the Pooh?

Does anyone know of a dishcloth/washcloth pattern with Winnie the Pooh sort of on the order of this - - where the design is in a reverse stockinette ‘shadow’? My idea is to make up maybe 9 or 12 dishcloths and crochet them together to make a quilt.

:thinking: I don’t know of one, but I think you could take any Pooh chart and just do all the pattern parts in purl… :thinking:

ETA: Not sure what you are looking for, but I took this attached coloring picture I found on the internet and put it into this site and it gave me a chart.
The chart is shaded so you have to clean it up a bit probably, but it’s cute. :wink: The only thing is I’m not sure w/o the details how much it would look like Pooh.

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Jan, your’e awesome! I’m going to play around a bit - she’s not due until July. :muah: Thanks!

You’re welcome!