Wine Cozy Question

I’m trying to knit the wine cozy from the link below and I have one question. When I seam it together, do I have to crochet or can I just use needle and some yarn and do it by hand?

well that’s how i would do it but i have NO idea how to crochet and trying to think about it would send me into a tither!

KAT!! :waving:

Hmm, well don’t quote me on this (I’d wait for someone a little more experianced to reply) but I was looking through the vids and theres one on seaming… check out the one called the mattress stitch. I think that could help you. :smiley:

but again, I’d check it out first lol

Even though I know how to crochet, I HATE seaming… I would just convert the pattern to knit it in the round!