Wine Blossoms - Your comments PLEASE

I designed and knitted these as a small gift for my Secret Pal who I nicknamed [B][COLOR=violet]Blossom [/COLOR][/B](… [COLOR=green][B]spring[/B][/COLOR]fling …ya know!)

[COLOR=red][B]The pattern is on my blog, finally …

click here : [COLOR=#800080][/COLOR]

Thank you so much for your support!! [/B][/COLOR]

lotsa love

I love them - what a great idea! Please post your pattern.

Oh, those are adorable! :inlove:

And they’re very practical. DH and I gave some to his mom a few years ago for family gatherings, and she still uses them! Of course they certainly weren’t hand-knit and precious like yours! Definitely write a pattern and post it! :cheering:

those are adorable and I’d love to know how you did it. Do they squeeze over the top of the glass or the bottom? (i.e. are they for champagne type glasses only, or can you use them with larger wine glasses) did you use elastic yarn? can they be washed if I spill my wine on them? They would make great hostess gifts.

They are really clever- thanks for sharing!

Beautiful! I had to improvise an emergency makeshift set for a New Year’s Eve party and would love to be able to make yours instead.

I LOVE them. :heart: I posted that on your blog, too, which I’ve bookmarked for future reading by the way (nice blog!).

I really, really, really hope you do publish the pattern. I can see many of these being made up as Christmas gifts. :thumbsup:

[COLOR=red][B]The pattern is on my blog, finally …

click here : [COLOR=#800080][/COLOR]

Thank you so much for your support!! [/B][/COLOR]

What a really cute way to use the odds and ends…I can see a few of these being made for Christmas gifts!!! Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful! Far nicer than commercially available wine glass tags…
They don’t even begin to compare.
Thanks for posting the pattern…I am thinking these would be great to give along with nice wine glasses for a bridal shower or wedding gift!