Wine and roses mitts--gusset help!

These are the lovely wine and roses mitts by JoLene Treace from Interweave Knits, Winter 2006.

The gusset chart calls for …k7, no stitch 8, pm, k, pm, no stitch 8, k11… The next row has an increase, then you increase every 3rd row till you place the gusset stitches on waste yarn. [I]What do I do with the no stitches on both sides of the markers while I’m not stitching them? [/I] [I]How do I knit in between all those no stitches?[/I] Many thanks! Karen

No stitch means skip the box in the chart, go to the next box; so your row would just be “k7, pm, k1, pm, k11”. I guess you meant the 8 to be a *?

Actually, there are 8 no stitches in a row, pm, k, pm, 8 no stitches. How do I slip off a stitch with no stitches on the needle? How do I skip 8 stitches without a big swag of yarn on the wrong side? Does that make sense?

Thanks again! Karen

Ignore the no stitches, the blocks are there to keep the graph squared off, they’ll account for the increased sts as you go up the chart rounds. You’re not skipping or slipping stitches, you’re skipping the boxes on the chart. It’s like when a pattern says to knit 0 for your size - you don’t knit anything there and go on to the next instruction, in this case, the block after the no stitches.

Oh. My. God. You just managed to turn on the light bulb buried deep inside my tortured mind. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

Sometimes you just have to change the explanation to the right words to turn the switch…