Winding yarn ONTO a swift

So I am reading the Knitting Daily article:[SIZE=2] [B]

Get the Kinks Out: Reusing Yarn [/B]and was curious how she wound the unraveled yarn on the swift.
[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]I have a couple of sweaters that really need to be made into other items and would love to reclaim the yarn. My swift is one of the wooden umbrella types that I clamp to my kitchen counter…
[/SIZE] [SIZE=1][SIZE=2]Any thoughts, oh yarn gurus? :figureditout:[/SIZE]

You could actually wind the yarn to the swift (or ball winder) directly from the sweater as you are unravelling. It’s what I do!

OMG. I seriously find it absolutely ridiculous that I have never thought to take my old sweaters and wind them back into balls so that I could use them for other projects. Guess who’s gonna murder some ugly sweaters tomorrow while he’s snowed in on the east coast.

Good luck, trvvn5! :thumbsup:
There is a great online tutorial on unravelling sweaters here:

I like finding cheap sweaters at Goodwill and unravelling them. I’ve gotten some beautiful 100% cashmere yarn that way!

:roflhard: You’re a riot, Evan!

Hehe…thanks sweetie. But my name’s not Evan. It’s Travis. Etoilechaude is Evan. I know I know. We gay boys are easy to get mixed up.

Oops, my bad! :aww:

Well, you know what they say…all hunks look alike! :teehee:


Sorry to burst your bubble there, hon. It’s just all you knitting boys look alike. Most of us diehards don’t look past the yarn and the needles. Put a hat on and smoke a pipe and I’d mistake you for Mason.


Thanks for the link to the video. As soon as I have a bit of time (quite the commodity in our house) my uglies will have a new beginning.

Well. I went through the sweaters that I would be willing to murder yesterday and every single one of them is sergered. So that sucks.

Aw rats, Travis :oo:
I have a couple that I knit that don’t fit properly that will become a big pile of ramen. I was really interested to see how to get the yarn smooth again (the Knitting Daily article).

Thanks for the great photo, Shandeh! :thumbsup: A picture is worth a million words!

Ah if only there was a yarn glue that make a seamless, smooth and invisible join.

Bummer! :verysad:
Oh well…at least now you know what to look for. :thumbsup:


Here are more photos, from another sweater unravelling day. I wound the yarn to my swift, making several hanks. Then I got them wet and hung them with weights to work out the kinks.

Of course, I had to play around with one of the hanks before working out the kinks. How do you like my curly hair, beard, mustache? :teehee: