Winding stations

Do any of you have one of these for your swift and ball winder?
If so, how much did you spend on it?
My mom is considering coming up with a design for one and selling them.
Just wanted some suggestions… thanks.

I don’t know what you mean by a “winding station”. My “winding station” is my kitchen counter, where I secure both my swift and ball winder and wind my balls of yarn. I don’t remember specifically what I paid for them, but the swift was about $50, and the winder was about $30. I also have a yardage counter to use for my handspun yarns.

Is your mom thinking of a kind of all-in-one winding station? Where the swift and winder are one piece? That would be really cool. :slight_smile:

She was talking about a stand independent of the swift and ball winder, but is made specifically for them. Does that make sense? Kind of like a ironing board but sturdier and it wouldn’t taper at one end.

you know what would be cool is if you could do something like that and figure out a way to add a yardage calculator in it too. like it would run from the swift, through the calculator, to the winder.

and if it was collapsible…lol.

and i have no idea how to make the yardage calculator work… i am the idea girl… i leave the rest to someone else’s genius. :teehee: